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I got to drive a Gallardo.....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by kizdan, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. My good buddy's brother got his Gallardo about a week ago. He was nice enough to let me drive it. Here are some impressions;

    It is painted in the pearl metallic yellow, a very sharp looking color (would love to see a 360 in it). The hood is at the same angle as the windshield, reminding me of the Countach and all other Lambos in between. It looks nice from most angles, very aggressive. The back end is the only part that I have an issue with.....way too boxy. The interior was done really well. Yellow and black alcantara - very nice indeed.

    Ergonomically, Lambo has come a long way, thanks to Audi. The center console looks as if it was lifted directly out of an Audi. If I am spending that kind of money, though, I don't want to see any part from another car. The driving position is quite nice for my 6'-2" frame, no problem with head or leg room. The clutch is quite light, very nice to operate. The gated shifter shifts nicely, but not quite as nice as a 360. The brakes are very strong, perhaps the strongest part of the car.

    The car has a low rumble to it, very different from the high notes that you get from a high-winding 8-cylinder. Although sounding aggressive, it does not produce the same quality of sound that you get with a 360. With 4WD, traction is no issue. I didn't get on it 100% out of respect for the fact that it wasn't my car, but I would imagine that it's hard to get any wheelspin at all. Now the car has 500 hp, but it didn't feel like 500. It felt about the same as a 360 in regards to power, maybe slightly more so.

    Would I want one over a 360? Probably not. If it were between it and a Stradale - Stradale, hands down. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool car. It gets as many looks as any Ferrari, and is much faster than what most people will ever need. I'd love to own one, just not instead of a Ferrari.

    Lambo has taken a step forward, but I don't think Ferrari needs to worry, at least not yet. Besides, this may not mean anything to most people, but if a manufacturer has not proven themselves in Formula 1 racing, then they cannot be compared to a manufacturer that has.
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  3. Pretty obvious to me "you did not get on it" out of respect and I appeciate your situation in that regard.

    That said no WAY a 360 or 360 CS could or does perform like this car!
    Too bad you couldn't really test it!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lambo spent its time working on a V10 for the road, and failed at the track.

    Ferrari spent its time working on its 10 for the track, and failed at a 10 for the road.

    I find the logic of your statement so "hard-core sports fan" that it defies logic.

    Its just funny :) I do understand your passion. And thanks for the Lambo write-up.

    Besides, this may not mean anything to most people, but if a manufacturer has not proven themselves on the street with a 10 like the Formula 1 racers use, then they are falling behind. Maybe spending a little too much on racing and not enough on the actual product. Gee Porsche and Lambo both don't compete in F1 i guess it gives them more money and time to perfect the 10 in their street cars. Ferrari where is your 10 for the street??? "If you really want to be like Mike" ;) Drive a 10!
  5. Well, let's see now.....the Stradale motor produces 118hp per liter, whereas the Lambo produces 100hp per liter, both normally aspirated. That makes the Stradale motor the most powerful normally aspirated motor in the world for its size. Based on those numbers, if Ferrari were to produce a 5.0-liter 10-cylinder, it should, theoretically, produce 590hp. However, a V-10 is a rough running motor simply by the nature of its design (smoothest designs are an inline-6 and a V-12), and I am sure that Ferrari has taken this into consideration for road applications. The only reason why they use a V10 in F1 is because that is dictated by the rules. I bet Ferrari would use a V12 in F1 if rules allowed it.

    My bet is that you will see a 4.2 liter. normally aspirated V8, possibly with a 5-valve head, producing around 495hp for their next generation V8. With this kind of technology, who needs a rough running V10???

  6. What they do in the future has no bearing on what they selling RIGHT NOW!

    I hope they improve greatly also. I cancelled a 360 CS order for the Gallardo. I really don't want to cancel a 360 Spider order (which I've had money on for 2 years) for A Gallardo spider but believe me ,I will if things stay as they are!!!!
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  8. Who needs a V10? That depends. If Ferrari does produce this engine, what kind of torque will it have? Even if they manage 495hp out of the 4.2, I doubt that it will be a match for the torque of the Lambo V10. In my mind, the torque issue needs to be addressed equally as much as the hp issue.

    Your hp estimates for the 4.2 assume that Ferrari will be able to maintain the 118 hp/liter figure attained in the Stradale. I think that if they use the 4.2 liter configuration, we'll probably more realistically see 460-470hp. And, don't forget, there is question now about the hp ratings on the Stradale. There is a distinct possiblity that the hp figures for the Stradale were generously stated from the factory. More than a few Stradale owners have raised an issue with this.
  9. Yet the Lambo is faster than the Stradale, while at the same time, not so high strung that you have to worry about 15k and 30k big repair bills for routine service.

    I do like the idea that the Lambo was built to be a daily driver, the 10 seems to make that possable.
  10. BB rememeber you cancelled the CS without driving one as I recall. Maybe we could all get together for a drive. I for one and dying to see if the Gallardo is as entertaining to drive. All the articles I've read put the Stradale ahead until over 100 mph. Performance on the street should be closer then you think, and with the flat torque curve of the V10 I would bet it doesn't feel as fast as the CS. My car is on the boat, maybe this summer at some events we will are grow to respect each others cars.
  11. Sounds like a plan!! I'm very objective when it comes to cars..at
    least I like to think so! In the meantime, any Sunday you want to drive mine let me know.
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  13. I dont know what articles you are reading, but i have many that will show you that the Gallardo not only beats, it destroys the Stradale not only in acceleration, but in track times.
  14. I noticed that your profile occupation reads "Ferrari and Maserati sales". :-|
  15. He's probably really in Lambo sales and knew some sluth would uncover that "he was in Ferrari & Maserati sales"??????????????

    And then and then......WHAT DOES IT MATTER THE FACTS ARE THE FACTS!!!!

    How can I say this humbly??? I can't........ the GALLARDO JUST WINS!!
  16. Its not even close. The Stradale ran the Nurburgring on race tires, and still got dusted by the Gallardo on street tires. In 0-125mph Acceleration, the Gallardo was 2 seconds faster!
  17. Oops ... Ferrari changed from a v12 to a v10 BEFORE the rules were changed to restrict engines to 10 cylinders.

    Why is a v12 not the best for F1. Simply because it requires larger radiators to cool, uses more fuel and is physically bigger than a 10. A v12 engine (theoretically) would produce more power but there is more to it than that ... one has to think of the whole package, which Ferrari was not doing with the v12.

    In the end for 3000cc and F1 aerodynamic issues a 10 cylinder engine is the best.

    Why manufactures are building 10 cylinder engines for road cars I don't understand ... other than obsure marketing reasons, ie. connecting to F1. This makes no sense to me as if next year they changed the F1 rules to say 2000cc engine limit, then a v8 or maybe v6 engine would be the go ...

  18. Allan are you sure about 2 seconds faster to 125?

    Doing the math (if I did it right?) that would be about 12 1/2 car lengths!!
    THAT'S A BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. What's your point? Do you think because I sell Ferraris and Maseratis that I am unable to give an unbiased opinion? I am a true car enthusiast, and am able to appreciate any kind of car for whatever it is good at doing. That would include cars like the Toyota Prius for its exceptional fuel consumption, or a Lotus Elise for its exceptional handling capabilities. I call them like I see them.

    Besides, I surely do not have to give a 360 a glowing review for it to sell well, the waiting list is long enough. I understand that there are Gallardos available right off the showroom floor?!?!?

    Here's a question for you; why do you think there is still a waiting list for 360s, a car that came out in '99, yet there is no waiting list for a Gallardo (assuming what I have heard is true), a car that is brand spanking new?

  20. Ferrair has a waiting list because they don't make enough cars to satisfy market demand. Ford and Lambo caught on to this game, and are going to fix that problem by dropping another 4,000 cars a year into the $180k price point, for a total of 6,000 or so to pick from in the future.

    People with money to spend and waiting on a list is stupid. Ferrari could have increased production and captured all these people... or let the competition come in. Ferrari left the door open from a business point of view. 2005 should be a interesting year.

    As a Ferrari sales guy, making money off of sales... I would think you would have wanted Ferrari to increase production instead of sharing this under supplied market?
  21. Alan 0-60 Jan. car and Driver Stradale 4.0 sec. Gallardo Feb. C & D 4.1 both had 12.4 sec. quarter mile times with the Gallardo 2 mph faster. Until another magazine does a US test on both those are the only tests to go on since we already know the Euro versions of each are slightly more powerful and lighter. Lap times like we've already said have only been published on two of Audi's home tracks where the Gallardo was develoved. Until we see a US test....I don't really know. Like I said your argument is like me saying the Stradale is faster around Fiorano. Lastly I'm no Lambo basher I will be trading my Stradale in immediately on a Murci or Gallardo from FC Kerbeck in Nj. or Motorcars International if the CS is sub par next month when it arrives. It will be my third 360 variant and I'm ready for something different, if the CS isn't that much better then my '03 Spider it will be gone.
  22. You bring up an interesting point. Luca said the reason that Ferrari built 399 Enzos is because they believe there is demand for 400 cars. It would nice to see production go up, but by how much? If demand is equal to supply, doesn't that take away from the allure of the car? It's a very fine line. Maybe Ferrari produces too little, whereas maybe Lambo produces too much.

    As a buyer, if you walk into a Lambo dealership and see a half dozen Gallardos sitting on the floor, and available, and then you walk into a Ferrari dealership only to learn about a waiting list for the 360, what is your perception of both cars at this point? Do you say "to hell with Ferrari, I'm buying a Lambo", or does that make you want a 360 even more? I am curious to hear opinions on this.......
  23. I'd take the Lambo. With $200K cash in hand to spend on a toy, I'm probably the type of guy that gets what he wants when he wants. Why would I want to wait for my toy?
  24. I would buy the Lambo. Absolutely no way I'm going to put $$ down and wait 3 to 4 years to hopefully get a car or be treated like Brian has been. I'm going to enjoy the car now.
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    Jim I agree to a point different magazines ,different drivers,.different times
    Myself I've run 10.7 qtrs and 11.5 same car same day(this was a Viper).
    One thing I can say having driven an ordinary 360..No way.. no how.. could this car approach the Gallardo in acceleration,maneuverability and
    plain overall handling!

    Jim you seem to be an objective level headed guy. Before your CS arrives look me up,drive my car.I think then you'll know why I bought one.
    Business 909 383-9000.
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  26. Waiting 3-4 years for anything is unacceptable. Vehicle development times are so quick, that in that timespan you are waiting, another manufacturer can design, build and release a product that is better, newer, fresher, etc.

    You need to remember that when the 360 was introduced, it really had no competition. Fixed supply coupled with solid demand produced long waiting lists. Those days are now over for the $150K-200K exotic car market. Supply is catching up with demand, and those waiting lists that you are talking about are coming to a screeching halt.

    I am a car enthusiast, whether it be Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, Aston, Lotus, etc. If someone else has something better to offer in the same niche that I am shopping for, I don't care what badge it has.
  27. Thanks Wayne, will do I may be out to La in a couple weeks. My Stradale is due in very soon, its at a number 70 now which means it should be here in 3 to 4 weeks. I plan on driving a Gallardo in the same time frame. I always strive to buy the best car available and Lambo or Ferrari doesn't matter to me, I would have and drive them all if it was practical. I'll keep you all posted.

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