I can't help it, I'm very excited!! pics | LamborghiniChat

I can't help it, I'm very excited!! pics

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. Its great service when they send you pics of the car going on, and really great when the G.M. of the dealership loads the car himself. Thanks Gary!!!

    Should have it tomorrow afternoon, right on schedule!
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  3. that is cool usually the owner goes to the place to tke the pics....tight enough for you?...i guess we all know who is not sleeping tonight...congrats...someday that will be happening to me, someday
  4. wow thats great pics man! really awesome...when can you officially park it in your garage?

    ps sorry i didnt finish the photoshop on your car, i just didnt have the time and i saw you got help from elsewhere.
  5. wow that looks tight
  6. Thanks Lukus. I will have it tomorrow afternoon!! Bittersweet, as they will be loading my Yellow Countach for a return trip.
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  8. Congrats dude !
  9. Beautiful car, stunning in that orange. Enjoy it to the fullest. Sorry to hear you had to sell the countach. Even sorrier I am not the one who bought it.
  10. Oh god, I love that car in orange! Thanks for the pics. Congrats!!!
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  12. Stunning car AJ! Looks orgasmic. Don't go ruining it by putting that wing on there ;) :D

    By the way, how did the guy in the white shirt get out of the truck, after the Murcie was put inside? Hope he didn't climb over your car :eek:
  13. Im a wing guy, so it will go on. No Lambo is a Lambo until the wing is on.

    I think the driver is a leaper. I heard he can jump 22 feet, and land on his feet.

  14. No doubt some wings loook hot on the Lambos. But the photoshopped wing, imho, didn't look good. Try a different one. :D

    At the end of the day, congrats, its a stunning car, wing or not. :) :)

    Don't think the trailer is 22 feet tall. ;)
  15. I photo shopped 6 different wings. This is the one that will go on. I was just playing around on the other stuff.

  16. THIS looks much better than the other stuff.

    As usual, impeccable taste! :)
  17. Nice AJ!! Why are the scoops open? I thought it only opens at 45 and above
  18. Stunning car! I love the wing.
  19. May I suggest the carbon wing from the R-GT???

    By the way, great car and great choice of color...:)
  20. Beautiful! She's absolutely stunning in that orange. Enjoy it to the fullest man!! Hopefully someday I will get to feel the excitement of delivery (sounds like I'm talking about pregnancy...haha). I can't even begin to imagine how happy you are right now. Send me some pics when you get it. That'd be awesome!

    Congrats and treat her well!
  21. The mirrors seem to be a good test when trying to fit in a small place, but when they are folded in! trying to manuever this big of a car is beyond me..

    congrats though, that color is probably one of the best from lambo.
  22. Congrat 6.0. The orange is really a great looking color. Man, it's hot. However, I still wonder how that big a guy can get out of the car after it's in the container? How will you get it out of the container?

    Sleep tight!!!
  23. Love the colour 6.0se ... and also sorry to hear you had to sell your completely yellow Countach. I do think the Murci is the best looking Lamborghini ever though [EDIT]er, right up there with the Muira[/EDIT]!

  24. Gentlemen -- there is a door on the SIDE of the trailer. The person loading the car will scoot between the two vehicles, and merely walk out the right-side door.


  25. Actually, the scoops open when the engine temp reaches a certain point. They will normally open in traffic and slow speeds, and close at highway speeds.
  26. lol. Thanks Daniel, hope that cleared up the getting in and out of the trailer problem.

    Thanks all for the comments, I will get some pics when its in my driveway.

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