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I am bidding on in this 03Murcie..Background X?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=4510644344&ssPageName=STRK:MEBI:IT

    ok.... i am bidding and within 9k from buying on this 03 murcie. does anyone here know anything about its history? in hidden funeral pictures? anyone died in it that i should be aware?...anybody know....anyone?

    i m NOT crazy about the silver color (sort of have my heart set on a yellow pref. w/o a dead body in it). so if it weren't for the color, i'd have hit the buy it now and get it done with.

    thanks in advance.
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  3. Well, I would be conscious of the fact that if you're going to spend a considerable sum of money on a car, it better damn be in the color you've always wanted. Probably not worth it to try to "force" yourself to warm up to a color you don't really like. Nor would it be worth it to have to trade the car again to finally get the color you do want (pearl yellow, in this case).
  4. Tom that car looks great for that price. the titanium color looks awesome in person. If I was done with the new house I would have bought that thing.

  5. mikey....

    you only live once, babe....
    go ahead and take it....i will stay on the sideline til' further notice, bro :)

    btw, you only say that bcuz that color makes me luk more pimp like :)
  6. DAMN Straight. I can see the jerry curl,pin stripe suite and the PIMP fedora in the titanium. When are you going to stop by DC again?
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  8. probably need to b4 the 1st of 05....if time permiting.
    will you guys abreast (not a breast.... :)
  9. I live in Dallas so if you want I can go look at whatever you want. Not a mechanic by any means, but would be fun to go see it. I love the silver personally, but if you really want yellow you'll be trading this in in 4 months.
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  11. I don't know if I would, the ad says it is a 2 cylinder.
  12. yellow or not, it won't be around for 4 months but.....if she ends up being mine, you can pick her up in tx and drive her to me.....sounds fair?
  13. sure I can drive it. I'll be sure to follow closely behind semi in the rain so plenty of road rash when it arrives.

  14. And it is listed as a Marcielago....so it's a Marcie, not a Murcie :)
  15. Tom:

    That's a great price for that car. The reason for the great price is that it was a lease vehicle which some buyers dont like (although a leased vehicle was probably maintained more due to the penalties if you don't), and the fact that it's silver in color. It does have some miles on it, but that's a big plus in my opinion. I hate low mileage cars.

    If I wanted silver, I would call and try to squeeze $195k as the price, but still wouldnt hesitate at $199k.

  16. Couldn't you get the VIN number of the car and phone Lambo Dallas with it to check the service history (atleast I hope it was done there)?
  17. I'd be happy to do it for you... I've got a little extra time :).

    Just for kicks I checked on travelocity, plane tickets would be $269 round trip for me to get from PA to TX and fly back from Kansas City to PA. Let me know when you want me to book them;).
  18. Tom,

    A friend is thinking of selling his Black/Tan Murci

    Call me and I'll give you more info!

  19. PD,

    you must have read my mind.... i was thinking of giving you a buzz to follow up on our previous discusssion, buddy. got a conf. call at 3:30pm i will call you afterward or tmorw mrng
  20. ryan, you read right through me like a children book, bro.... :)

    paul, somehow, i have a feeling that you won't use that return ticket from kc back to lancaster..... :)
  21. so lets have a happy ending to the story with a skittles colored Lambo car!

    I told the kid I mentor, that I knew someone buying a lambo, and kid was ecstatic. I promised him a few hard copy pics of the car, when it arrived. However, I was unaware of this thread that you were buying a dog color lambo. ;)

    Do it for the kid, Tom!

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