how many# of ylw countachs exist??? | LamborghiniChat

how many# of ylw countachs exist???

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by smoney, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. hello everyone-first time posting ques.I've always been a huge lamborghini fan-just wondering (ever since i noticed that "flawless" 881/2 ylw countach (i think the original owner is active member on this site,if i'm not mistaken) how many total ylw countachs were produced from factory say from 1980-1989?-i'm almost certain that lamborghini produced 1989 ann. countach in ylw exterior is that correct?-don't see many (ylw) ones for sale on the web,dupont reg.,etc. thanks for any production info. anyone may have.
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  3. 10 only, ever. That is the info that Lambo sent to me. Never saw a yellow 89.
    That was my car.
  4. LOL. Yes, thats my car. Original paint all around. The stickers are removable. The wheels are original, but powdercoated black. I used it for a show car. The front bumper is the real euro bumper. The car comes with the US bumper as well.
  5. So that car came with a Euro bumper AND a US bumper?
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  7. No, but most euro bumpers you see on US cars are the cheap repro variety. The originals are rare and pricey.

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