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How many lamborghini car models do you have?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by murcielago11, May 20, 2004.

  1. Just wondering how many lamborghini di-cast models everyone has. I have 13 total (1 countach)(5 murcielagos) and 7 different kinds of diablos and my most treasured one is a diablo SV (it was 90.00$ to boot). Some other time I will post pics. Lets see r guys's lamborghini collection.
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  3. Post some pics.Would love to see them.I have 19,mostly Countaches and Diablos.No murci's or G cars yet.
  4. I have a few Countachs in various scales. I had a Diablo in 1/24, but it is gone. I have a ton of Hotwheel Diablos. I will post them later.
  5. I just turned around and looked at my booksase,and there was a Murci!!Didnt know I had one.Also a Comp. Coupe
  6. I just bought two this last week. (Murcielago and Diablo)
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  8. I have that exact same green murcie model.
  9. Sorry bit I dont think I could get a pic of all of them but i will post a few of my 1:18 model ones in a few sec.
  10. Here they are
  11. P.S thet are nicer when you see them in person.
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  13. Nice!!Can you get a close up of the gold gt-r?
  14. Thanks.Good detail on that!!Do you remember where you got that one?
  15. I got it at Toys "R" Us actually LOL.
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    I don't like doubles in my collection , So I have only 5 (1966-2004) four V-12 in the pic also a Gallardo & a 1/24 Urraco and countless smaller ones.
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  17. AAAARGH!!! That gold diablo from DUBS (or is that DUBCITY?) ... MY EYES!!! I'M BLIND!!! I CAN'T SEE!!!

    I only have ... 3. Diablo, Murcielago and Gallardo.
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  19. ive got 13 lambo models
    Muira sv
    Countach LP400
    Countach LP5000
    Diablo VT without wing
    Daiblo VT
    Daiblo SE 30
    Diablo SE Jota
    Diablo SV
    Diablo roadster
    Diablo GTR
  20. Looks like im the champ with most lambo models so far...ppl speak up if you have more than 15!
  21. (I just got 2 new ones to equal 15) (diablo vt roadster and another murcie)
  22. yellow EB110? Interesting!
  24. Here is an interesting one. I have two. One in the box and one built. Of course, I have a real one (custom 400 that emulates the 350 prototypes)
    I also have 400 gt 2+2 models.
  25. more than 15? hmmmmm ive got more than that, ill have to count :) ill take a pic later

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