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How long before some makes a twin turbo Gallardo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by triXXXter, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. I would like to see it. I thinking someone will put one together pretty soon considering the Audi Concept apparently shows it can handle it.
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  3. That would be interesting to see..or perhaps TT Murci.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if they already exist. There was/is a company (I think they were called Grant's Performance) that slaps twin turbos on anything that cosses their path. They had 1000+ HP Vipers and they also did a TT Diablo VT a while back.

    edit - I forgot to add that Koenig will inevitably do it as well
  5. I've got feelers out on European chat boards trying to locate the exact equipment for my Gallardo.
  6. Those wanting to TT their Lambo's/Ferrari's need only look to Bob Norwood. IF you have the budget to spare that guy is the king. Total automotive genius.
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  8. I'd love to see one done by Norwood just as much as I'd like to own one.
  9. I think that the factory may do it soon enough...This engine has had FI before, just with 2 less cylinders;)
  10. Seems to me I have heard a chirping about someone in the process of doing that....
  11. Hope it's not Burtoni.
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  13. Uh,

    #1: Bob Norwood sold the shop to a partner and doesn't work on cars anymore. Actually hasn't in years.

    #2: The quality of Norwood's products has been debated heavily the past few years, and I mean heavily. About a 50/50 split for people that ended up happy with the experience versus those that would never do it again.

  14. i think heffners performance already did twin turbo gallardo, which made 680whp.
  15. Yeah, but this thread is 2 years old ;) The TT Gallardo wasn't even started until this thread had run its course.
  16. Is it because Easter is near that we get these "back from the dead" thread revivals?
  17. guess jesus does walk :D
  18. #1: Somewhat true... sold it to James Patterson and Bob will never stop working on cars in some fashion or another.

    #2: Interesting opinion. Very bold statement to say that half the customers are dissatisfied.

    Do you have first hand experience with Norwood Performance over the past 7 years? I'm not trying to discredit your "claim"... Well, yes I guess I am. You see, I worked there before, during and after the transition of ownership... I can honestly say that Norwood Performance has improved overall since the transition and their level of customer service is extremely high. In the time I worked there, I only knew of one customer that was dissatisfied with the work and it was a matter of his budget, not the quality of work.

    50% customer satisfaction is absolutely a grossly inaccurate and terrible claim. Please, unless anyone has first hand experience, don't spread such nonsense. It's not good for anyone's business.

    If anyone would like to inquire about Norwood Performance I would suggest that you contact Rob Lay. He went to Norwoods to do PPIs before he even bought his 328 and he's still a customer. For those of you who aren't aware, Rob created this wonderful website for all of us to enjoy.

    Good day
  19. Guess what I followed through and didn't even consider the other tuners mentioned.

    If you have a project that makes sense..pursue it.

    Lamborghini IMHO should do the 600 flywheel version for
    a production car, but then I don't make production decisions for them .......just my own.
  20. I think u should read the other threads b4 bringing up old ones :p
  21. haha the best is the I found Jimmy thread.
  22. They'd be hard pressed to do a cleaner job than yours though...I had the opportunity to look into your engine compartment at CC and it took me a while to realize what I was looking at. I was going like "WTF?" then remembered a post about a TT Gallardo. I know its the performance that matters, but I like the very clean and professional well as the "TT" from the found a good use for them and for once it makes sense.
  23. Reeves Callaway was there .(Father of the Sledgehammer)
    I and I asked him outside of Heffners Presence what he thought...

    "VERY,VERY Clean install I like it."

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