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How I got in trouble with the "Bull"

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Roland E Linder, Apr 10, 2005.

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    900 + miles in that car was just like a dream. "Audi" did the job very well and the car performed extremely well during that "test" across the back road in the desert. We ended up along the Mex.border and went East on I 8 at a speed that very few cars could maintain without heating or else ! I very impressed with the handling in the tied roads in the mountains, it was like in a WRC car with tons of torque. I loved it and will be sure to be available to do the Run of the Bull with my Canadian friends.
    It'sd always good to step in an other world, you can learn a bunch that way.
    BTW, the cops were very cool and polite and we got no trouble at all.
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  3. good morning, roland...

    how fast were you clocked at? :D
  4. The rest of us would have gone directly to jail! :)
  5. Great pics ! that one cop in the blazer looks like he came in there on two wheels ! LOL
  6. Believe it or not, but we never talked about speed ??? The car, the sound and who I was were the converstion...Must be my new " hollywood" look ...
    The car had a Capistro exhaust and that was fabulous. I loved the paddles shifts, they were first class at all time and situation.
    For the speed, let's just say that I drove her the fast I could and being safe. The owner was a very good driver too and not affraid to have the use of the right pedal.
    Take care
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  8. Roland, you're my hero.

    I love the matching shirt - but... is that a Ferrari logo I see? Is it legal to drive a lambo with a ferrari shirt on? ;)

    Great pictures - glad it turned out OK!
  9. haha that's a cool story and an awesome car!
  10. Nice pics Roland, but how did you manage to get 3 p-cars chasing you? Shouldn't you have stopped as soon as the first one came? :) You must have run for some time :)
  11. I'm curious about this as well. Did they all come at once, or did the first call for backup?;)
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  13. You got good eyes, yes it's my F40LM shirt but I wanted to match the car.
    The pics were taken with Ferrari camera and the owner has a Ferrari laptop !!
    After all we all are loving the same things !!!
    I didn't see them, my co driver told me that I had 1 patrol car behind, than 2 than 4 !! They followed for a "long" while than came the lights.
    If you behave properly, things could work out. They were very polite and cool.
    They loved the car, that's for sure and I did too.
  14. My theory:

    Roland is pulled over by ONE police car, not for speeding or wreckless driving but just because he is driving a yellow Lambo Murcielago Roadster. :D

    The officer walks up to the car, sees famous a well-known celebrity Roland E. Linder behind the wheel.

    Goes and tells all his buddies over the radio that they should really come see who he pulled over.

    3 other cops come speeding through the desert just to get a glimpse of their hero, Roland Linder.

    End of story. :D
  15. Thanks for the positive report!! Great pics.
  16. Wow !!

    Cool looking car.

    I like the contrasting banana seats.
  17. Nice car. Wish I had one! I saw it at the NY auto show. It looks even better in person.
  18. Uh Oh......are you going to get a Lamborghini now Roland? By the way, what reason did the cops give for pulling you over?
  19. Roland,

    That is a picture to be framed on the wall!!!

    The roadster is the sexiest car in the world IMO!


  20. No yet, but I was sure very impressed by the very good performance. The gear box(paddle shift) was very precise, suspension in both stage were perfect even when we started to do WRC in the mountains, comfort, even the turbulence in the cockpit was good(never had the roof on)capistro pipes, look etc..I love her so much that I'll go from Vegas to Frisco with her after the Vegas event. I'll also do the Run of the Bull, that tells how much I'm impressed by that car.The stability was perfect at high speed with or without the sport mode.
    Many thanks to Dan, the generous owner.
  21. Wow Roland, coming from you that says a whole lot! Speeking of WRC, does that mean you were four wheel drifting around the curves???
  22. Hi Ernie, I did push the Murcie in the narrows and she behaved VERY well, the 4 wheel drive works way better than on the Murcie I drove a few years back.
    Never got in trouble considering the weight of the car, I'm impressed to the point that I'll do the Run of the Bulls in August..
    At high speed (what I consider real high speed) she was handling the curves flat like a pancake, and the sport mode wasn't a must, just safer in case of a rapid change of direction.
    I'll have a cool test to do since I'll have a Enzo to drive for 1000miles. That could be interesting.
    Take care
  23. Roland...who are you!!!!! an enzo to play with for 1000 mi? omg......can be u? any books on how to be roland?
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  25. Awesummme pic

    You almost touched the yellow line.

    You do not need any Head and Shoulders shampoo, after that run.
  26. Great pics Roland. See, Lambos aren't that bad...:)
  27. You got that right ! I was very impressed by the whole package. If I wasn't in my position (F40LM) I would consider such a super car.At least, with that car, I could do some sight seeing better than with the LM..
    Next trial, the Run of the Bulls!
    See ya
  28. Can't read the speedo too well, but it looks like you are north of 200. Am I reading that right?

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