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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Fan512bbi, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Seriously how do you get out if this happens.
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  3. Roll down (up?) the windows and crawl through, or maybe kick out the front windscreen?
  4. actually,
    on the new murcielagos the gear shift knobs are meant to break the windshield in case of this situation.

    this is why they are one piece and they un screw at the base.

  5. What does it take to flip a car that low and wide?

  6. Carbon at the wheel :)
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  8. LOL...! To my credit, i have NEVER flipped a car or lost control of one... When i was a kid, i was a passenger in a car that lost control and it wasn't pretty... It takes me quite a while before i'll drive a car to its limits; usually it's MY limits that i drive the car to before i'm really comfortable with it... :)
  9. If you look i dont think you could get through there.
  10. Just push the eject button and your ejection seat will do the rest :)
  11. Bloody hell headache or what?
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  13. It will flip the car over or something, just use your imagination :D
  14. That's true though, especially if the car is on fire, I feel like it would be very difficult to get out in time.
    nice pic
  15. Damned didnt think of that LOL.
  16. All you need is a spatula and a paper bag!
  17. Yeah thats scary no back window to get out of windows dont open the front window is really small and what if you are injured. Being in a Lambo upside isnt pretty.
  18. this is one of those moments in time when you have to sit back, relax for a bit, think about your situation and possible ways out, then slowly tell yourself ...................OH ****
  19. Yes, especially with the frequency these cars' engines catch on fire in serious crashes, it wouldn't be a pleasant experience!

    Reminds me of that girl who was hit by a drunk driver and burned alive beyond recognition in her car for about 45 seconds, yet still survived (was interviewed on TV a few weeks ago).
  20. If it's a Roadster, open doors one-at-a-time until car robo-crawls over a manhole cover.
  21. Is this a yet good example of why you should install a fire system in your car? If that thing catches on fire flipped like that, you arent going anywhere. A 10lb bottle of halon that is piped into the engine bay could save your life. If the car explodes, it would really matter but i'd rather get blown up than burned. Does anyone run a fire system in their road cars or is it even a good idea? The thought of just being able to pull a knob to put out an engine fire rather than have to stop, get out yor extinguisher, get the bonnet open, and then spray it out seems like it could save you some damage.
  22. Sounds like a good idea engine fires are not fun. It would be nice if lamborghini developed a emergency feature on the door where you can open it the other way in the event of an accident or roll over.
  23. After seeing this pic,I have to install some sort of fire extinguisher on my car.Thats scary.

  24. That is what mobile phones are for ;) ... and luck!

  25. Really thats great got any pictures of it in action. ?
  26. :)

    great mental picture.
  27. I knew there must be an advantage in the Gallardo's regular opening doors!


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