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How bad are old Diablos?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by RussianM3_dude, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. I saw one on sale (92) for 120K Swiss. 30Klicks. What would I get myself into?
    How much to budget a year for servicing (worst case scenario)?

    Any input would be appreciated.
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  3. 120k Swiss = ?? :) A 1992 should run you 95-110k USD, so if that matches, cool.

    With a '92, let's assume it has been maintained and serviced the last 12 years, and that it has a few miles on it and was driven. Figure about $2500 USD per year for maintenance and repairs.

    Now let's assume that it wasn't serviced regularly, has low miles, then you're looking at a multiple of that $2500 figure. Worse case scenario, you could have $20,000 in repairs to do right off the bat on some '92s. Maybe even more!

    That's what a 3rd party inspection is for prior to owning any car.

  4. I agree with Ben 100%. If it has been serviced and kept properly, enjoy the drive and no need to worry.
  5. 30 clicks? you meant 30k clicks right?
  6. Yeah, 30 thousand. Anyway, I am on my first job,and can't afford a new Lambo. Being a member of the materialistic "it's all about me" generation, I don't want to wait.
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  8. I have an old Diablo. I have to hit it with a cane, to get it to start.

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