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HOT murcielago I saw today

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 3M7M5, Dec 4, 2004.

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    lol...i remember seeing that McDonalds colored lambo on ebay

    FYI, some dead rapper was sitting in that same car for his funeral display

    Mourners pay respects to duo slain at barbershop


    As two men shot dead in a fashionable barbershop a week ago are laid to rest today, police continue to investigate and are hopeful they'll make an arrest.

    ''We have other information we're looking into that makes the outcome look more positive,'' said Miami police spokesman Delrish Moss.

    Last Saturday, Alexander Bernard Harris, 33, of Pembroke Pines, and Todd Green, 28, of northwestern Miami-Dade County, were gunned down at Cutz, 5050 Biscayne Blvd.

    On Friday evening, hundreds of friends and relatives gathered at northwest Miami-Dade's Grace Funeral Home to pay respects. Green, dressed in a simple gray suit, rested in a casket inside the viewing area. Harris' viewing was a little more extravagant.

    The rising hip-hop mogul for Miami's Xela Entertainment Group sat inside his yellow Lamborghini, parked under a carport behind the funeral home. Mourners walked past, peering into the open, gull-wing, driver's-side door.

    He was wearing blue jeans with several patches, a red San Francisco 49ers football jersey, a baseball cap with more patches, and trendy sunglasses.

    The car was surrounded by red plush carpeting and bouquets of red gerberas, roses and orchids.

    Harris' daughter, 16-year-old Tareel Harris, said she used to love driving around with her dad in his car, and that he was at rest as he wished.

    ''That's his favorite car,'' she said. ``He used to joke around a lot about how he loved it so much, he wanted to be buried in that car.''

    He'll get a $19,000 glass casket, but on Friday, they let him have one last spin.

    Funeral services for both men will be held at 11 this morning at Cooper's Temple, 3800 NW 199th St. Burial will follow at Vista Memorial Gardens, 14200 NW 57th Ave., Miami Lakes.
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  3. It's the Lamborghini Casket thread again. Seems to pop up once a month on the various forums.

    Yes, it's true, that guy in the pictures is dead and that's the Lambo that Prestige has for sale.

    I wouldnt even buy that car for $75,000. Too scary.

  4. Can someone say McSarcophagus??

  5. Great car but argh, the associations are...well, pretty creepy.
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  7. without a doubt, the ugliest murci on the market...especially the rims, jesus...
  8. Yeh, thats the "Casket Car"!
  9. Is everyone SERIOUS ABOUT THAT CAR??????????

    I was in S.E Asia from Sept through Oct for biz so I completely MISSED this whole development. I've expressed interest in a certain yellow car they have and started to inquire w/ the GM yesterday.

    Can someone please verify is it the 02 yellow or 03 yellow Murci that this big dude...was sitting in? They have two in inventory....

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
  10. Not only are we serious..........

    We're "DEAD" serious!

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  12. thanks...
    it's a dead deal.

  13. "i see dead people".

  14. OMG! Please say it isn't so.


  15. I usually despise colored rims, but these don't offend me as much. The interior, however, is hideous.


  16. no freakin way could i own that car.
  17. Creeeeeepy! I wouldn't touch it with a stick ...
  18. It's not as if the guy was buried in the car. He was placed in the drivers seat for a day, at most, for a Funeral viewing. If you find it that freaky, just change the seat, other than that I don't see the problem. At least you have some major negotiaing leverage on this one.
  19. For you to buy it, sure, you'll get it cheap. Then again, you'll also sell it cheaper. Nobody here wants that car because a dead guy was sitting in it for his funeral. Not only that, the odometer had 5050 miles when he was shot, and he was at 5050 Biscayne blvd. Freaky.

    Everytime someone asks where I got my Orange Diablo, I tell them that it was Bustah Rhymes, used in some of his videos, blah blah.

    What do you say when people ask about that car? Oh, I got it cheap because a rapper who got shot used it as his casket at a bling bling funeral.

    I'd rather think about Bustah farting in my car than some 300lb fat dead guy oozing on it. For that reason, I will never own a Lamborghini casket regardless of the price. :)

  20. ryan, have you seen "sixth sense"? :)

    ps: since i was 14000miles away when it all went down....was he actually shot in this car or did they put his dead body in it during the wake?
  21. You guys are dead on... The newspaper article is a dead giveaway about how dead the sale will be, for this car... However, i'm sure a few very low bidders will be in a dead heat, trying to get this car... As Ryan said, they can use it to their advantage... No matter what, though, the publicity totally deadens the dealerships chance at making any money off of this dead end car... Even though the previous owner is dead to rights, though, that car sure as hell looks lively... :)

    Ok, i'll stop.
  22. No. I refuse to give that Indian idiot Shamalayan any of my hard earned money.
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  24. This is just way to creepy!!!! And the puicture of the dead "rapper" in the driver's seat of the murci is just disturbing. --I wouldnt ever buy that car.

    Every time i would reat my head on the head-rest, i would picture gun shots. Its a sad story and a horribe way to go. My condolences to the family.
  25. Then steal the movie. :)
  26. Now that would be unethical.

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