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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ralfabco, Apr 24, 2004.

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  3. Awesome:):) Congratulations...
  4. Looks great congrats! How much lighter is it?

  5. Hey thanks. The engine is still warm !

    No sleeping in the car tonight !

  6. Thanks Vincent.

    Lamborghini Cars ( The website ) lists the following information.

    SE 30 weight 3198
    standard 2WD weight 3474
    standard VT weight 3582

    Those are probably dry weights.
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  8. Wow,I love her in red she looks brand new,congratulations and enjoy!
  9. It is brand new.I know the history on that car and saw it last year.It is as new and beautiful a lambo you could ever purchase.You beat me too it Ralph,or more accurately,you had the money and I didnt!!Congratulations on a work of art. A.J.
  10. Awesome car!

    I am jealous.. can't wait until I get there... The Diablo is so amazing.. Post some specifics mileage, etc... Also some more pics of int and ext.. What car did you drive before?

    The Diablo and Koenigsegg are my favorite cars on the road now..
    Congrats dude.. Now I'm going to the garage and look at my NSX-T (sigh)...
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  12. Gorgeous car Ralph! Did you flatbed it back to H-Town or did you drive that bad mutha?

    I am hoping you did the latter!

  13. GREAT choice, Ralph! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Here's some pics for this "memorable" day...

  14. Wax

    I will not tell; if you will not.
    007 ? Too bad it is not an Aston Martin !! LOL
    There were only 25 brought into the USA. They were officially brought in
    by Lamborghini.

    Thanks. There were no yellow ones available. Maybe next time ?
    Take care of your "HOT" SV.

    Thank You. You are the one who has THE collection. I do not.
    I must add that there was a certain amount of "extra" satisfaction
    in obtaining the car, after Gary told me someone from the Atlanta
    area was interested. I took a guess at whom the person was.
    Gary told me that I was correct. Please post some more 6.0 interior

    1,200 miles. She was a queen amongst queens. I drove a 1988 Countach QV before. That was fun and brutal. You're hot Diablo is waiting for you. Please do not keep her waiting too long.

    I do not want to set you up. I heard you may be driving north Monday,
    to the same toy store ? We flatbed the car back to Houston. I did a
    bad thing on the same freeway during 1990. I ended up getting a free
    stay in the Wilmer Hilton. No sense in going back ?

    Woodlands VT
    the cops that the speedometer broke; and that I had no way of knowing
    what the speed really was that night. THANK YOU again. GRAZIE.
    Also thanks for positing pics of a filthy garage. We are remodeling.
    Notice the wood on the floor to the right of the car !! Sharp viewers
    will notice the Corolla 5 speed outside the garage. "Oh what a feeling."
  15. Beautiful car!!

    You have to get 007 License Plates!!

    I still have California 007 black plates on my 64 XKE
  16. Holy cow Ralph, that is an amazing car!! How many of those SE30s were red?? Not a lot, I have only seen one other red SE30! Congrats!
  17. What was the purple only diablo SE, i think JK owned one.
  18. Congrats.
  19. Ralph - That is an awesome car! Congrats. I asked you in the other thread on the SE interior what you were getting - I thought you were ignoring me. You were probably out doing the deal!

    Enjoy that beast in good health. Perhaps if I get to Houston - I'll snap a few pics for my collection.
  20. Ralph, AMAZING!!! Use it in good health.
  21. Congrats Ralph !!!

    Nice bimmer in those photos.......heh.
  22. Hey Ralph!

    What did you do with your countach?

    Do you want to sell it?

    What year?

    2valve or 4?
  23. OPPS just looked at your profile..88 4 valve...

    Does the car have the turn Knob air or push button?

    And how many kilometers?


    and Congrats on the SE!

  24. great many hp did the se have? also, if it s not too personal, how much did you pay for the car? this will help the rest of us get a fee l for the market... that would look sweet in my garage!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Look at this car and tell me why more Lamborghini's are not RED? Great Looking Car and please enjoy it!!
  26. Is this the only red SE? I thought all the SE's were purple:confused: Was it red from the factory? Still is a HOT looking Lambo:D:D
  27. Awesome car Ralf! Love the Red, Im sure its amazing to drive!

    Have you thought about what it would look like to have the engine-lid Louvers painted black (like on the Murci)? I think it would look awesome, Ill photoshop it later.


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