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HOT Gallardos! Including Azzuro California

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ryalex, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. Given my "thing" for Azzuro California, it was only a matter of time before I would 'paint' up a Gallardo. Enjoy.
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  3. Pale Gold
  4. Metallic Pink
  5. Lemon-Lime Green Pearl
  6. I wish the azuro california blue was available at lambo, it looks good!
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  8. Ice Blue
  9. Molten Copper
  10. I hope somebody at Lambo is reading this - your colors look hotter than theirs. :D

    Love the Ice Blue!
  11. ryalex,

    Regarding your work in Photoshop...try creating a duplicate layer of your selection, adding a secondary highlight color (metallic finishes have this) and then confining it to the highlight areas. Optionally create a third highlight layer and specify the layer mode as "overlay". This will make your photoshops look much more realistic.
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  13. Thanks for the hints. I realize that the intensity/saturation of these colors is high, and that brush recoloring (vs. hue adjustment) tends to lose color. For these ones I didn't care as much... but what I did one some of these was adjust the Color Balance between the shadows and highlights to give different colors - most notably yellow on the green and some green into the ice blue. But I'll give your method a try!
  14. Looks great in green!
  15. Ryan, there is a Murcie in a color "real close" to that light blue here in central fla located at Ultimate Motors (sp) ... the local Lambo,Rolls,Bentley dealer.
  16. Do you know of any pictures? I can't find it on their site inventory...
  17. Ice Ice baby..
  18. Mint Green never looked so good!
  19. I'd take the green one. With some body colored (with polished lip, of course) HRE rims ... yummy.
  20. Ryalex,

    I had a few minutes of free time and did three demo images illustrating the slightly different style of color alteration. I used colors you had done on your originals. I made a much sloppier selection than I believe you did, but it will suffice. As you can see here several other shades of color in the highlights have yielded much richer or full-bodied versions of the blue, green, and orange that you posted.
  21. Ryan, great work!!
  22. they look sweet, will Lamborghini do a custom colour for you like Ferrari will?
  23. yes
  24. Thanks for the guidance, and the time to put these together. I will try this out on the next batch I do!
  25. how does it work to order a custom color? say I wanted to order a red/tan combo. How much deposit and how long til delivery? Now assume I can't afford it when it comes in...what can I do? Take delivery and sell to public over MSRP or walk away and do I lose my deposit?
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  27. When you order your lambo, you order it in a ext. and int. color combo that suits you (the way you want it). It's like going down to Joe Schmo Ford and ordering getting a blue Mustang with black interior, and all they have on the lot is a red with tan and a yellow with black. With Ford it takes about 2 months to get your car to the ordering dealership, whith lambo it takes 3 to 12 months depending on the model and the demand. By custom color, your ordering a color that isn't offered on the model (i.e. Say you want the color changing paint as opposed to the standard and optional colors, then you WILL pay a LARGE chunk of change for the exclusive option). It's like that say, "Everything has a price, it just depends on how big your wallet is"

    Your deposit depends entirely upon the dealership. From 10% to 50% to full price

    If you can't afford it, ya don't get it. The dealership pays for the car, and they keep your deposit I believe. However, I may be wrong too. But if it comes down to you can't afford it, then the dealer is stuck with trying to sell the car
  28. I don't think it's too bad - I think it's around $5-7k for a regular metallic custom color, although obviously the color changing paints like Chromallusion are much more expensive because of the cost of the paint itself. But I'm surprised that even for $7k on a $190k-300k Lambo more people don't customize. After all, the color is a large part of the appearance of the car!

    Chris from Lambo Atl, could you shed some light on the custom color situation?? Kizdan broke down the custom color costs for Ferrari for me before...

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