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hot blonde pornostar gallardo owers

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by crystalq3, Sep 22, 2005.

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  2. That chick is really a man baby!
  3. She's got nothing on Sylvia Saint ;)
  4. Was she there for tranny service?
  5. I think she needs cosmetic SERVICE more than her car!!!!
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  7. that woman is a lineman!!!
  8. that is the real culprit behind Italian efficiency. italian men+ women= 0 efficiency.
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  10. She must have been there to get her oil checked... er, um, I mean her car's oil checked/changed ;)
  11.'s all about Krystal Steal, dude!
  12. LMAO!!!!!
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  14. you read my mind.
  15. no dude..sylvia saint IS the sh*t....RacerX knows quality

    giddy up
  16. I like her bewbies. I wonder if they would like me?
  17. I'd hit it.
  18. Thats what passes for a Pornstar there ?

  19. I'd take a ride.

  20. I heard that a convertible TR with ostrich skin interior drew all of the hot porn stars over here to the states. Just what I heard...;)
  21. Funny comment, I'm sure true!!
  22. I am sure those puppies would like you if you had a seven to eight figure salary that got spent primarily on her! Otherwise, keep asking yourself that question and buy plenty of lube.....
  23. jenna jameson has a lambo too dont she

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