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Horsepower wars: Lamborghini to raise Gallardo output to 600 horsepower!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 348SStb, Nov 26, 2004.

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  2. yes but it is still bud ugly!
  3. I don't know what makes me more excited - the 600hp Gallardo or the 700 horsepower Murcielago! Supercar value!
  4. That else can they do? They need to do something crazy like this to attract people's attention, or why else would you buy a Gallardo if you can have a F430? I think it's a good move.
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  6. A reaction response to the F430? It's still a Gallardo no matter what you do to it.

    Stepping into a dealer showroom, you can get V12 power and value over the revised Japla, I mean, Gallardo.
  7. This is rehashed old news that has not been confirmed by Audi.
    Threat posed by the 430?
    The 430 is totally sold out for the next 2 years.
    G's are available under msrp.
    A G Spyder will help but #'s alone aren't selling the G now.
    A restyle and 100 hp+? A 700hp Murcie? Murcie's are selling under msrp. today. If you want 700hp with a pulley change you can get that in a Ford GT today for a lot less.
    340K for a fully loaded Murcie Spyder with an occasional top?
    CGT's aren't sold out.
    In the end the real buyers deceide and so far Lambo is struggling.
    In less things change VW will Never recoup their investment in Lambo.
    Same can be said for VW/Bentley.
    BMW/ Rolls
    It's never as easy as it looks.
    Does anyone seriously think 100+ HP in a G will turn this car from a under msrp
    to a 2 year wait?
  8. I don't want more power. Please give me RWD and remove 750 pounds and I'll buy one.

    Obviously, looks are subjective. I'd buy a Gallardo before a 430 any day (well, assuming I could buy a RWD G)...
  9. I think this is fantastic news - anything to raise the bar for supercar performance is ultimately going to have a great outcome for us, the consumers.

    Lamborghini was founded because Ferruccio Lamborghini was pissed off at Enzo Ferrari for not building good enough GT cars. It's nice to see the Ghost of Ferruccio is still trying to push Enzo's buttons.
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  11. Exactly. Ferrari continues to prove that it isn't simply just about the numbers. Now imagine if the new cars were as painfully beautiful as they used to be. They'd be sold out indefinitely!! :)
  12. Come on, you guys are harsh and a little one eyed to boot. The Gallardo was by most accounts better than the 360. Just because Audi/Lamborghini doesn't play the whole restrict supply so it doesn't meet demand, so we can gouge our customers philiosophy, doesn't make it a bad car.
  13. Great post.
  14. Awesome news! 600hp in the Gallardo will be incredible.
  15. here is the article:

    Lamborghini are set to 'pump up' the popular mid-size Gallardo as they seek to counter Ferrari's new rival, the F430.

    The next new Gallardo 'family' member to arrive will be a 'Roadster'. It follows hard on the heels of the bigger chop-top Murcielago which has recently started being delivered to customers after receiving strong market interest.

    The Bologna-based sportscar maker expect the Murcielago Roadster to account for a significant proportion of the 6.2-litre V12 engined models sales, and the same is expected to be true of the smaller open roofless Gallardo.

    Prototypes began testing around the Sant d'Agata factory during the autumn and an official announcement regarding production is expected early next year.

    While the Murcielago Roadster will eat into Coupe sales of what is now a rapidly maturing model, Lamborghini are keen to see the 500bhp 5.0-litre V10 Gallardo Roadster stake out fresh ground and attract new customers as they strive to achieve ambitious targets set for them by parent company Audi.

    To this end a new 'extreme' Gallardo will be created in 2006 with which they seek to counter the strong threat now posed by Ferrari's mid-size 360 Modena replacement, the new 315km/h F430, which hits 100km/h from standstill in four seconds flat.

    With its, light and compact, new generation 4.3-litre V8 engine, that pumps out 490bhp, coupled to an F1-derived gearbox and advanced aluminium chassis, the new Ferrari F430 has shaken up this sportcar segment.

    In response to this new rival, Lamborghini will up the stakes by increasing the V10-engined Gallardo's capacity from 5000cc to 5500cc, while power will jump to nearly 600bhp, thanks also to a new output-boosting modified crankshaft.
    Along with mechanical improvements, the Gallardo will receive a makeover that will include much more radical styling. A new rear racing-style wing will feature as the shape is toughened up.

    With a new, more powerful 700bhp 6.5-litre Murcielago also on its way, attention is turning towards a third model. While Lamborghini are working on an SUV based around the Audi Pikes Peak/VW Touareg, insider consider that a V12 engined 2+2 coupe is more likely to get the go ahead.

    Ferrari have in recent years returned to the front engined 'Gran Tourer' principle with much success. This theme is currently embodied by the 5.75-litre V12 engined 575 M Maranello and the 2+2 612 Scaglietti.

    This new four-seater coupe will be of historical significance for Lamborghini, marking a return to high power exclusive 2+2 GT’s. The gorgeous Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 is the direct ancestor to this future model.

    Debuted at the 1966 Geneva Salon, the 400 GT 2+2 had very similar styling to the 350 GT and 400 GT models. The difference lay at the rear, where the roof had to be raised by 2.6 inches, and the floorpan lowered, to provide the necessary headroom.

    Now Lamborghini perceive this as a new step forward, and are pushing Audi to give them the green light to move in this direction.
  16. While I love Ferrari, it would pi$$ me off if I had $160K to blow on a car, and ended up having to buy a 2-3 year old 360, when I could go to any Lambo dealer in the country and get a car (a new one!). I love the 360, but its gonna need a whole lot of depreciation to enter my budget!
  17. I hope they dont make Just another SUV. Im looking for an H2 killer!
  18. Audi bought Lambo and invested more money into it based on a business plan to build and sell FAR more cars than they are able to. Lambo has excess capacity and can build more cars than they can sell. That is why their cars sell for under msrp. More sellers than buyers.

    Ferrari has no spare capacity. They sell every car they can produce and in the case of 360's/ 430's could sell far more of these than they can produce.
    More buyers than sellers.

    Those who want a modern Lambo, think it's a better value, faster, better looking whatever are lucky. Plenty of cars available, no waiting, under msrp.

    BTW I recently drove a friends Muria SV Jota. Fantastic car and one that IMO will someday trade over 1 million.
  19. This horsepower game is turning into a stupid "my dick is bigger than your dick" thing for two reasons:

    1. There are damn few of us who can really drive a 400 horsepower car, much less a 600 or 700 horsepower car. I am much more impressed by someone who can really hustle in a 140 hp Miata than by a moron driving a Viper.

    2. The real key is the power-to-weight ratio and putting this power on the ground. After driving a Stradale, I'm convinced that Ferrari needs to put its efforts into making lighter, but safe, cars than in bumping the hp numbers.

  20. Think about driving 0846. Only 450hp. Only 1800lbs. (No AC, power windows, or cd player)
  21. I'd love to!

    Serioursly though, this is the ticket to fast driving. Knocking off weight makes a car accelerate faster, stop quicker, corner better -- you name it.

    I learned this lesson as a teenager when I used to race bigger bikes with a 125cc Yamaha. It was almost more fun than the law allowed.

  22. P Turbo Cayenne. My wife's is super. (Now available with 500HP)
  23. I think Lamborghini is doing a good job at staying ahead of Ferrari, as Ferrari seems to being trying to play catch-up. I'm tifosi first, but that's the way I see it while trying to be unbiased.

    I think the F430 is gorgeous, sexy, sleek & sporty, but its also an updated & revised 360. The Gallardo is still basically a "new" auto, IMO, and now Lambo is possibly making even more updates both cosmetically and mechanically . . . . jeez. Maybe the F430's are sold out for the next 2 yrs, but how many of those sales are from buyers who are not so called "die hard Ferraristi" who would have opted for a newer updated Gallardo? I wouldnt be surprised if Lambo even tried to make this updated Gallardo available within 6 months after the F430 is released here in the US!

    As far as styling goes, the Gallardo is a sweet ride and sort of a crossing point between the outragous exotic look of the Diablo/Murci and the sexiness of the 360/F430. The Gallardo is (already) both exotic AND sexy IMO!
  24. 700HP Murcielago > Enzo.
  25. Three 700HP Murci's with Insurance = 1 Enzo.

    I would take an F430, a Gallardo, a (tuned) 750 HP Viper SRT-10 convertible and a Viper SRT-10 Competition Coupe (for tracking) over 1 Enzo for sure. At least all 4 could be called an everyday driver (well the Comp Coupe only on the track). I wouldn't want to ever drive the Enzo after paying THAT much.
  26. Wow, sounds like good news. 600 hp Gcar and 700 hp Mcar sounds fantastic! Makes me wonder though, what will G car's "more extreme look" will look like? :)

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