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HMMM. 430/Gallardo pics

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Took some pics of the 430 and Gallardo off the internet. Tried to get the same color, but tough finding a red G car. Showing 4 shots. Rear, side, front, interior. What do you think? Everyone jumps on the G car interior, but.......

    Can't do a poll, but what would you pick out of the 4 shots? Me......

    Front- Gallardo, but close
    Side- Gallardo
    Interior- Toss-up, depends on your taste
    Back- 430
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  3. I think that the 430 definatly looks nicer. Nicer as in calmer, not better. The Gallardo has many more hard angles and looks more aggressive. I like them both but I'm leaning towards the 430 for most angles, especially the back. Did you notice how similar the lower side vent look like the Murcis
  4. Sideview screams TR to me on the Gallardo.

    Hate both rears.
  5. lol. You are right. Put some fins in there, and you have it!!
  6. I like the new 430 nose and lights so its a tough call between that and the Gallardo. Side Gallardo, back definitly 430 and interior toss up but i wish the the G car didnt look so "german". Nothing wrong with german mind you but I want to see more details that are apparent and some more style. 430 has a bit more style it seems in the interior, so its close call.
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  8. Once you sit inside one of these, the thing that's going to matter is how you feel -- the quality of the cockpit. Having been in F cars and the G, I can't say that much beats the way you feel when in a G. Form, Function, Materials, etc. Unless the 430 is dramatically improved, its not going to be close.
  9. We see it almost the same!!
  10. For me it's Gallardo all the way.. maybe it's because I'm more familiar with the G's shape. The 430 seems a bit awkward to me..
  11. I think the 430 looks WAY better than the current 360. Its 430 all the way for me, even though I still love the Gallardo.
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  13. I think color makes a huge differance, I dont like the G car in that awkward excuse for red. And any Ferrari looks outstanding in red but show me both in yellow and I would then lean more towards the Gallardo I vs. in person also an important factor. But judging by pics here it goes for me:

    430 Front: 7/10 VS. Gallardo Front: 8/10
    430 Side: 8/10 VS. Gallardo Side: 9/10
    430 Interior: 9/10 VS. Gallardo Interior: 8/10
    430 Rear: 9/10 VS. Gallardo Rear: 8/10
    430 Wheels: 8/10 VS. Gallardo Wheels: 7/10

    430 Total: 41/50 VS. Gallardo Total: 40/50

    Verdict: Ferrari by a hair!!

    But its alot on personal preferance...just tryin to have fun in my own little world.
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  15. Love it or hate it, the Gallardo shows a coherency of design. The 430 looks like it was designed by a committee facing a deadline.
  16. Actually I love them both with a severe passion. The Gallardo Rear I love I like the lights the way they go from top to bottom. I love the little vents on the side. The Gallardo interior is gorgous aswell with Navgiation and Black/Creme Combo. The 430 looks great on Pictures and im sure will look even better in person. Right now its down to who will have the better performance. Having recently heard the Gallardo with Tubi I love it.

    G-Car = 100%
    430 = 100%

    Atleast in my Book.

    Gallardo 6-speed in Black/Creme with RENNtech ECU and Tubi/Test Pipes
    F430 Pozzi/Natrual Tubi/Test Pipes and GruppeM Intake (when produced)
  17. FerrariSlave, do you have pictures of the Gallardo's interior with Navigation? Please post them if you do, I've been looking everywhere but haven't found any..Thanks before!
  18. I like the G best, but I really like the interior of the 430 (especially the steering set up). I think the 430 looks too much like the 360 (with some Enzo style cues), and everyone has a 360 these days.
  19. Here's a pic I found at Nelson Lamborghini's website,
  20. For me it's the F430 all the way. A much more fluid/flowing and less boxy design. Not a fan of sharp creases or squared-off boxy styling on cars.
  21. JimmyJ, thanks a lot! :)
  22. gallardo in everything but the rear
  23. Agreed!!
  24. rosso midas looks awesome
    nicest color for a G car

    my vote is the gallardo still looks nicer and more exotic than the new 430
  25. Excellent comment. I agree 100%.

    I fall into the "love it" category for the Gallardo. And I am frankly quite surprised in the design result of the 430. I expected better proportions, and did not expect it to look like a 360 that went to a chop-shop to receive a body kit.
  26. I still need to spend some time looking at them... but this photo might help.

    It started with the Enzo.... new designers are going for a "clunky" or "bulky" look for some reason?
  27. One thing I find very interesting is how Lambo's look great in colors that no other cars IMO would. Lime Green, Purple, Orange.

    For me looks are in the eye of the beholder. I suspect the 430 with it's E dif and steering mounted dynamic control will be great to drive at speed. Personally I'd like the 430 if it looked like a 250LM but that's me.

    Lambo's, like the look or not, are IMO more true to a design. The Murcie Roadster is super looking in person. I wish it's top were more usable and that it had interior storage so it could be used as more than a sunny day driver. Without a usable top I think it's market will be limited as is the F50 and the 550 Barchetta. Until you've been caught in a sudden summer downpour in an F50 you really can't understand what a bummer that can be.
  28. napolis, doesnt the F50 have a real soft top for emergencies, and a hardtop too?

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