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High speed Lambo crash in Vegas...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MarkPDX, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Car worth $285,000 destroyed in high-speed wreck

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  3. More on the subject from the RX-8 owners club forum....

    A Must Read/see

  4. Wow. That stinks. How do you explain that to your friend?

    It's also amazing he could lose control of an AWD car on a street in Las Vegas... I mean, I've been there, and it's pretty flat.
  5. In French. That explains it all!

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  7. "It's not like a Chevy," he said.
  8. "Ellison said the owner may not even know what has happened to his car if he is still out of town, though she did say she thinks Picquet may have lost a friend."

    He does now thanks to the internet. :)

    It's a shame about the dog, though.
  9. "Their arn't many people that would drive a quarter-million dollar car around"

    Says who? These people are stupid. Thats a really sad story, i actually drove by that wreck that night when coming home from a party. I couldn't make out the car...weird it was a Murcielago, i guessed it to be something totally different. I hope the owner has some really good insurance.

  10. we dont knwo if the car was used with permission or not... the owner is still out of town. Doesn't the fater usually get contacted when his son goes to the hospital with burn injuries, let alone a possible theft?
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  12. You think the guys insurance will cover that??????????

    Drive someones car only if you can take full responsibility,
    I think this is a Job for 'Tony Saprano'
  13. You DONT explain it, you just ruuuuuuuuun!! "Run Forest, run" :D

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