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Hey A.J. Quick question!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Jakillo, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. Hey AJ,
    I haven't really posted here before and I am kind of new to Ferrarichat.com! I noticed you seem to have the most experience with these beasts and was wondering if you could help me out.

    Today we were at the ferrari dealership and we saw an F50, we fell in love. However, my family is not ready for that extreme length of a car just yet. We have owned other exotics before but nothing with the kind of power these cars poesess. So in order to keep some extra cash in our wallet and cheaper overall costs in general we have put the Lamborghini Murcielago into our realm of possibilities. I know that you own a beautiful orange example!

    I was wondering if you could maybe help convince my father to take the plunge by:

    Can you tell me how it is in terms of Mat. on low mileage Murcie?
    Can it be driven a lot?
    Anything you dont like about it?
    What kind of pricing would I be looking at for a used one?
    Anything at all.

    Anything you would be willing to share with me about the car would be fantastic. Im looking for information that owners have rather than just stuff I can get off the net. What are somethings that dissapointed you if any at all? What things are awesome? Is there something special about owning a lamborghini? What kind of depreciation is there?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Any other mucie owners feel free to chime in!

    Also if anyoen has any suggestions for a car within 150k-300k please let it be known! Thanks again!
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  3. Hey Jakillo,

    While I can't speak for AJ or the Murci, I can speak for my Diablo 6.0 experience. The Murci is said to be better than the Diablo 6.0, so you can take my experience and amplify it another notch to the better.

    Maintenance depends on how much you drive it, oil changes every 3000 miles and major service every 15,000 miles. Major service is about $4k.

    My Diablo 6.0, and thus any Murci, can be driven every day rain or shine. It's meant to be driven. It's not a fragile automobile by any means, they are built like rocks. Reliability is top notch.

    I'm not a pricing person for Murcis, but you can get a 6.0 for about $170-$175k with decent miles and in great shape. I'd gander that a Murci would be about $45k more but I'm not the expert on that at all.

    Depreciation is your biggest factor to play with. Diablo's are about done depreciating to their largest extent, now it's minute. Murcis are still going downhill, as they should, and as they will, until Lambo stops making them and stops offering upgrades for them. An '02 Murci will sell for significantly less than a '04 because nobody wants the '02, same as any other car. With that desire comes a lower price tag.

    Exotics that are still being produced in any regular quantity, including all Lamborghinis, will depreciate on the same percentage of msrp scale as any chevrolet, honda, etc.. Only difference is after 5-6 years ours stop depreciating so much wheras a honda is ready for a rice driver or a junkyard. ;)

    Suggestions for $150-$300k range? Any Lamborghini. :)

  4. Thanks a lot for the thoughtful post ben! Hopefully we will be able to find something that will work out. Manhattan motorcars just sold a black on black 03' murci for 189,000, which is def. the kind of numbers my family is looking for! Thanks again!
  5. Any detail on the car?? Miles, history??
  6. No, but it looked to be clean as far as I could tell, sorry I dont have the info!
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  8. Black '03 Murci for $189k? It was probably wrecked or has a very bad past. That I can assure you. :) Even an '02 would go for $200k+.

  9. if the car was in good shape, thats a steal...i would assume it had some issues
  10. Do keep in mind that it depends where you are driving the car. This car is NOT for city driving as there are SOOOO many blind spots that you will kill yourself. If it is mostly highway driving you could have lots of fun and be a bit safer. If you have any in depth Merci questions, feel free to PM me and I will be sure to help you out.
  11. What are you doing in the Lambo Section :) Welcome aboard.
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  13. Always been here. You just now noticed since you have one hehe.
  14. That car had issues. A NICE '03 would be in the 220 area. A nice 02, maybe a shade under 205. I know the car in question.
  15. Thanks 6.0 I appreciate you clarifying that for me.

    Any reputable dealers you would reccomend me to buy one from? I hear everyone mention Chris at Lambo of Atlanta and I had my dad leave him a message, so we will see!!

    We live in the burbs so I dont think that city driving will be too much of an issue, but we would def. haf to go down to Newbury street in boston and show up that yellow gallardo thats always parked there!

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