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Here she is on Ebay.....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Dec 2, 2004.


    Ok.... I just wanted t/b the first to start this before someone started a thread...."Nice Roadster on Ebay". LOL.

    I'd be remissed to not confess of having initial trepidation buying a Lambo; However, at the urging & encouragement of many of you "highly respectable and knowledgeable Lambo owners in this community like AJ, Ben, Shahram and other dealership members (Chris of Lambo Atlanta and Johnathan of Lambo Dallas), I took the plunge on this one and I must say this is "the best vehicle I've owned and the best experience I've owing an exotic". Thanks to all of you for your advice and assurances.

    But like many others who came before her (and like many of you), I have my sight on a different "love interest" so it's time for her to move on. Reserve is realistically low so whoever gets her will be a very lucky owner. Don't worry, I'm hook on Lambo for life and will still be a part of this wonderful community for years to come.... (wink..wink..).
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  3. Yay! I'm the high bidder! :)

  4. sad to hear it go but at least you still have your 360
  5. Yeeeeee!!!!! Hi Ben, thanks for the leadoff hit.

    If I have to give it away, it's comforting to know it's going to a good friend and a good home....LOL.
  6. what is your reserve if you dont mind me asking
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  8. it's low and "a lot less" than i paid 3months ago (cost of my huge revelation but fair realistic for a nearly 100% car like this....(plus a $7000 installed tubi)

    in order to protect the integrity of the auction, i prefer to not disclose the reserve but as a hint....."ben won't buy it at anywhere near the current price...but it's a lot less than what he has in his garage....LOL".
  9. Tom: Can you tell us what it is you want to buy that would make you decide to sell this car after only 3 months of ownership? Knowing you may lose money in the process, something is driving you to sell. Some people will feel that there may be something wrong with the car even though you have recomended a PPI. I had this happen to a friend of mine who just did not like the car that he bought AFTER he got to drive it for a while. Could this be part of your reason to sell? Not eveybody likes these cars after they have owned them for awhile. Look how many Murcielago's are on the market within 6 months of having been bought new. These owners are taking $50 to $60K hits because they just did not realize what they were getting into.
    Your car looks beautiful. Someone who knows the Roadster and has time in the seat would be the most likely buyer for your car. Good Luck.
  10. As a local resident (KC) too, I would love to see you drive that thing up to one of the dealerships along 103rd or Metcalf and ask to trade it in....the reaction you would get!!! Good luck w/the sale.
  11. obviously don't know me well. those who are familiar w/ me in the community knows 3 months is a long term committment for me so if i keep a car for 3 months, it means i like it "a lot" LOL.

    2-as i had said, this car is bar none "the best exotic" car i have owned (can't speak for the older models) btw,i happen to really....really...really.... like the murci especially....RED (hehe).

    3-thanks...i appreciate the well wishes.
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  13. Tom: I suppose you have done your home work and a trade in for a Murci would not be your first choice even with the potential savings on "sales tax", if sales tax is a factor in your state. If you do not get your price on an outright sale will you trade it in?
  14. private bidding... i can say i'm the high bidder too... :D
  15. Ben is ALL GOOD....At last check, he is still the highest bidder. I'm not sure if I know anyone w/ 3 Lambos in their garage but it'd sure be a sight to see w/ the glossy black Diablo roadster sitting b/w his two 6.0s.

    On a related topic, past experience has it that local & surrounding ferrari/lambo car dealerships got into a very bad practice of contacting my bidders on my vehicle to market their own.

    I trade in/out of ferraris and other exotics enough to have history be my best teachers; Therein lies the reason for the private bidding. Btw, most of the time it doesn't do them any good since I practically "give my car" away (esp. when I have my sight set on something else)...but it's just the principle that p*sses me off.
  16. LOL youre too much Tom! :)

    Good luck with the auction... whats the next toy on the list?
  17. A red murcie? :)
  18. sportveloce:i love them in yellow too :)

    greg: am still pretty torn and undecided.... i'm going back to S.E Asia for couple of months after the holidays for biz. given the depreciation curve on these badboys, the economic thing to do is to wait until after i return but not sure if i can go without it for the next 30 days....
  19. i hate waiting more than 30 days for a lamborghini.

    10,312 days and counting... :(
  20. I would say your good byes to the car. It's gonna get sold. How come Motorcars is still trying for 170k for their car. It is a year newer.
  21. it will get sold....

    i have received offers from dealers relatively close to the "buy it now" price (i am amazed how these people know more about the history of my car than i do....). in retrospect, i regret not setting the price higher....oh well.

    btw, motorcars asking price is way too high....imo.
  22. the car "IS JUST SOLD" at asking price of $145,000.

    i will leave the auction live until 10% deposit money is wired tomorrow.

    sold it too cheap tom is free to start "SHOPPING" for his favorite car!!!!!! Hurray!!!
  23. yellow with new driver seat and w/o a dead rapper.
  24. she is deciding on either an 03 SL500 or 05 SLK350.......
    i m hoping she opt for the later and not former :)
  25. yes, it will be in my name...thank god there is a learning curve :)
  26. Great to hear Tom. Sad to see it go, but cant wait to see whats next!
  27. Buyer's financing fell through....He offered his red 97 F355 w/ 7k miles (need service), his red Porsche Turbo (hi miles), his wife black 00 MB SL500 (lo miles) and $20k cash.... I respectfully declined.

    This is sort of a blessing since it will likely sell for above the original Buy It Now price which was too cheap(as always, I was too ambixious to move on). I knew there was a reason I didn't discontinue the auction.... Now, there are 4 days left and counting.........
  28. I understand the guy did all he could to go through with the deal ... 145k is a steal !!!

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