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Hennessy TT kits for Gallardo and Murcie...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Apr 12, 2004.

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  3. My neighbor has a 96'GTS and he contacted Hennessey for the 1100HP kit. After 3 months, he got his car back. He got it dynoed and it only had 800HP max. He took it to Hennessey and sure enough the turbos were at the wrong psi. He was charged nothing to get them changed.
  4. I have had experience with John Hennessey. It was not good. He took 20k and did no work. After over 2 years I finally settled for getting 10k back. They say he has changed his ways ... maybe so, but my main question is how many TT GAllardos has he actually done?? I have not heard of any, so my next question would be ... if he has not done one yet, how can he advertise it?
  5. I don't care how much addiction to speed you have - go somewhere else. Don't shell over a dime with him. While I have had no financial transactions with the guy, I have several friends that have. It comes down to - if you are local, in Houston, and you plop down some money, sure - he'll do the work. BUt if you are more than a few hours away, preferrably out of state or even Hawaii, he'll use the funds and parts that he promised you on another car.

    He's quite an a$$, and even more so on the track. I only wish he could drive those vipers as well as he builds them.
  6. For what it is worth, I would not open myself up to that kind of exposure with him. I have heard that he uses other peoples deposits to complete work on other peoples cars. He is operating on a pretty scary float system and all it takes is a couple of mistakes or misfires to make that whole cookie crumble. I have only seen one car that he has done work on and the guy is happy with it. He bought his Gallardo from me and pulled up in the Viper. I liked the setup and the 200 hp nitrous bottle was cool looking. It is 600hp without supposedly. The guy who owns it is a top notch guy and said it is a good system, did not have anything negative to say about Mr. Hennessey himself. Good luck but I would wait it out for a system from Audi or someone more familiar as these cars are considerably more expensive than a viper.

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  8. Not speaking from personal expearience but I heard that Hennessy Performance has a bad reputation and customer service with there services. But that have been a while back or with only a couple cars.
  9. Personally, I do not think he could have designed those kits. Simply put, he needs the donor cars and needs to learn them well before he can put out a kit like that. Has anyone even heard of a Hennessey TT Murci? He wants people to put down money on something he personally has never even done. That utterly reeks of bull****.
  10. He has a Murci engine at his plant. He bought it off a wrecked Lambo.

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