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Help on the ultimate garage?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. For all of you who have followed my trials and tribulations of the summer, the new to me Diablo has cost me a new house. Since I can't part with the 360 (oon to be traded for the F 430) I need garage help. I'm building a new lake house with a six car garage. I will have a separate 3 car garage. I would like serious help on how to appropriately display my Itallian children. Pics of the lot attached.
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  3. lots of big glass windows so you can highlight the view as well as the cars, you can also see teh cars by boat
  4. If you show me pics of the house then I could make a basic design of the garage building. This was one of my favorite studies in design school :)
  5. dave, what about browsing a few of the newer car dealerships and doing something based on a smaller version of their showrooms/workshops?
  6. One idea would be to have workshop-like garage. What I mean is that rather than putting 3 doors on the length of the garage, put one big door on the width, with like an alley and angled parking spots inside. Would definitely help stay away from the wharehouse look from the outside. I don't know if you do the work yourself, but a lift is always a welcome addition.
    The wall between the house and garage should be all glass, living room, big glass wall, and garage! perfect! :)
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  8. Patrick is a wealth of great info:)

    AJ, I have a 6 car garage at my Houston home but it is nothing special. My house originally had a 3 car garage attached and I just built an identical 3 car detached 40ft across from the original garage. Not so much for cars but jetskis and other toys that I never use:D
  9. you'll need lots of lights inside & out,

    You can help support my racing addiction too :)
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