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Help on buying 96 Diablo VT Roadster

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 9software, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. I'm considering buying a 96 roadster - but I don't have a clue what to check for. I know a lot about 360's and certain things you HAVE to have (i.e. the red remote).
    Are there any options that are "Must have", parts that I need to make sure are included, and what to check for cosmetically or mechanically to make sure it's a sound car?
    How does a proper clutch feel vs a worn one on a Diablo? Also how much is a clutch replacement? I've heard anywhere from 8k-15k.
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  3. Clutch replacement on a diablo is around 8k, for answers to all your questions talk to aj.

  4. Please got to ********************* and look in the Buyers guide section under Diablo roadsters.

    I just got a 98 Roadster which I am changing the Clutch (im getting the triple disc which is way softer and last much longer) , water pump and getting a 15k service done.

    I would suggest buying a 98 and above because of the upgrades.

    Do you have one in mind?
  5. Dont buy a 96, get a 98+. More power,reliability and refinement.

  6. how about 97 1/2?
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  8. What about a 97.5 roaster like the one on ebay. I love the yellow black. They want 160000 or so for the car.
  9. Tom, 97.5 is perfect. No problems with those cars.
  10. Thats a bit pricey, unless its brand new.

    I just looked at that ad. That was the car that sold for 147 early this spring. That would be the right price.
  11. Just make sure you have the variable valve timing motor.
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  13. The car ran last week and topped out at 150 or so and I thought that was a good price. I think the yellow is very popular and he wants a premium.
  14. In the add he calls the engine a 6.0. Is that different than the last Diablo model?
  15. Yes, I understand. The value is right in the 145-150 range, but the right buyer who has to have that color..........
  16. 6.0 is only 2001.
  17. Thats wrong. I have to look at the ad, but it was a 5.7 litre.
  18. The add says 6.0 liter, I checked it. Would a car like this be a good first Lambo?
  19. a 1996 car is very rare they only made 12 and it doesnt have the problems with the MED injection and alarm

  20. Personally i am suprised no one likes 96 cars, i prefer them! No airbags! No computer problems AND early 96 cars only have 2 cats!! Come on guys!

    My 2 cents of experience...

  21. I agree John!!
  22. Only thing I like about the 96 is the airbag not being there.
    98 you get the ABS, 18 rims, upgraded brakes and rotors, 530 HP. Just delete the 2 cats and put a nice exhaust with the airfilter and you are set!

    Also I hear it has a better electrical system
  23. I think the clutch is a tad softer too
  24. '96 Interior is 10000% improved upon in the 2001 6.0. ;)

  25. thanks AJ! lol

    The eletrical system is not better in the later cars, i have seen so many problems with those MED systems! They are great when they are working, but bills to fix them...whew...

    Bottom line, we are talking about something stupid lol every diablo is great!
    : )

  26. true! Love them ALL!!
  27. Ok thanks for the input. What's the MED system?
    What's the horsepower diff between the 96 and 98. I was looking at the red '96 on Ebay. What would you think low market would be on a 96? He's asking $125k to start and $150k buyitnow. I was thinking $125k wouldn't be too bad for a 96 with 4k miles. What do you guys think about the color combo? I think millennium silver would be my first choice but red is always a nice color.
  28. Shawn,

    i've seen a red diablo awhile's stunning.
    you won't go wrong, imo.


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