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Help me! Gallardo or CS or 996 GT2

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Prodrive, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Hello

    Please help me to choose (to buy). Right now I have three choices:
    - Gallardo Orange
    - F 360 Challenge Stradale Rosso Scuderia
    - 996 GT2 Yellow
    The showroom not allow the car to be test drive before the deal done.

    So please to members here who have experiences with those three cars willing to share or advise me which one better base on:
    - Acceleration from standing start or from 60 mph up
    - Handling
    - Reliability
    - Fun to drive

    Thanks in advance for your input.
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  3. What's the pricing like on each? Same?
  4. The prices of these cars in my country are expensive because of duty tax + road tax + blablabla.
    - Stradale = US $ 404,375
    - Gallardo = US $ 382,500
    - 996 GT2 = US $ 355,200
    All the prices above are within my reach but I need good input so I will not regret it after spending that amount of money.
  5. I still say if your spending that much money and need to test drive the cars...

    Put a refundable deposit down on the table and they should let you take the car for a spin to decide.....

    Those are some really high prices...
  6. 1. CS
    2. GT2
    3. Gallardo
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  8. To JBsZ06:
    I already replied your post about my situation in ferrari forum, thank you for your input.

    To t88power:
    your input noted. Thanks a lot.
  9. Go in there and make a deposit and tell them that you want to test drive all three and after that you will buy your favorite. I don't see why they wouldn't do that if they knew that you'ld by one of them.
  10. What is service like where you live?
    Having driven all 3 I'd say they are all interesting.
    I like the CS but I like more racecar like cars which the CS is.
    The G is cutting edge design which either you like or you don't. I do but I didn't like the tall 1rst gear.
    The GT 2 is a great car but a bit staid compared to the others. If it has ceramic brakes be carefull about tracking as they are not up to severe track use. The ones on the CS are reportedly better.
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  12. To Udalmia
    Thanks for sharing your valuable experience, your input noted

    To Dan
    The 3 cars of my choices are from 2 different dealers.
    1 has Stradale & GT2 and the other has Gallardo. All are brand new so they don't want to add some miles on the odometer unless I already finish the deal. That's my situation that make me difficult to decide. All other exotic car dealers (not many) also have the same condition unless if i want to buy the used car (no used Stradale, GT2 or Gallardo at this moment).
  13. Sorry, do you mean the workshop service or the dealers service?
    If the dealer service both are so so.
    If the workshop service, only Ferrari & Porsche are available in Jakarta (Capital city). For Lambo I have to fly the mechanic from Singapore but because I live about 600 miles from capital city then I have to fly the Ferrari or Porsche mechanic too from Jakarta anyway, so the Lambo mechanic charge will not be significantly higher.

    The Stradale & GT2 has ceramic brake.
    On the street which one accelerate faster from those three cars? and how about the feeling while driving them? Which one can give you more thrill?

    Thanks Napolis for sharing.
  14. I've had 7 Ferraris owned a 996 TT (heavily modded) and for what is worth...
    None of these cars are` as much FUN, or as reliable, or perform as`well as the Gallardo.
    Exception the porsche was NEVER a reliabilty problem or performance
    inferior just not as enjoyable. The Gt2 being a 2 wheel drive horsepower
    beast requires more driver finese'. (a racers machine)

    Hard for you to buy a car based on someone else's opinion. Best thing is to try to find an owner of each to let you drive theirs.ailing that fly someplace where you can drive them all. This is a` major purchase `and worth the trip/expense.Or offer the dealer $500 for a test drive explaining your dilemma.

    Drive them all I personally feel you'll chose the Gallardo. I cancelled
    my 360 CS order for the G car.

  15. The tall first gear thing is addressed in the 05 model. I'm used to it and actually like it now.
  16. I asked about service because that is a large part of it. If you don't have a way to get these cars worked on that will make them less enjoyable. If the P service where you live is much better than F or L service that could be a factor. All of these cars may need work and if you can't get it done easily and well it's an issue. From what you are saying it's about the same for you.
    Parts as well?

    The Stradale's ceramic brakes will hold up to EXTREME use better than the GT2's. IMO the CS feels faster even if it may not be. A lot of feel of speed is exhaust sound and ride. A firmer car feels faster as does a louder car.


    PS. I do agree with Wayne. At this level it's really which do you like. They're all good cars.
  17. 1. Stradale
    2. GT2
    3. Gallardo

    Before I bought my '04 Modena, I drove the Gallardo, which was immediately available at about the same money. There was nothing about the G-car that tempted me to change my mind, and I haven't regretted choosing the 360 for a moment. The CS is a Modena on steroids so it would be my first choice here. The GT2 has fantastic performance, but not nearly as visceral and lively as the CS. The Gallardo to me is the clear 3rd choice. All that said, what really matters is what you prefer, drive them all if you can and pick what talks to you the loudest.

  18. To G-force
    Thanks for sharing,
    Any info how lambo sort the 1st tall gearing problem?
    I will try to talk with them again about test drive by offering them some deposit.

    To Napolis
    For the parts price I am not sure yet. I heard CS exhaust sound is very loud and I still got no change to hear it myself because the dealer fail to start to engine because of low battery charge. I will come there again to hear it myself. The Gallardo sound quite nice when I rev it in the dealer showroom.

    Napolis, maybe I can share what are in my head now that make me difficult to choose.
    - Gallardo I like the exterior style & 4 wheel drive (easier to drive in wet) but I have problem to adjust the seat position, the front end a bit too low, still doubt about the acceleration times compare to Stradale & GT2.
    - Stradale I love the interior, the seat that can fit me well, some opinions about the Fun factor in driving, lightness & limited edition but a bit worry about the loudness & reliability
    - GT2 I think can be the fastest, the seat position is good but the body style is less exotic (in my opinion) than Stradale & Gallardo, wild handling according to some people, too soft exhaust sound.

    I know I can't get everything but at least I can get much more valuable inputs and can have a good discussion with the members here.

    Thanks for sharing with me
  19. There you go........ everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion.
    looks are very subjective and individual.
    Performance however can and should be objective.
    No way no how a 360 is even in the same league as a Gallardo.
    TDF 360 is in the minority with this opinion obviously Ferrari agreed and designed the 430.
  20. I wish i had to make that decision...

    CS ALL THE WAY!!!!
  21. If I were you, I'd watch the depreciation on the GT2, I've seen some huge hits on some of them in the states. With the higher cost you pay I don't know how that will translate. Otherwise, the Ferrari provides the wildest and most pure racing experience- whatever that means. The gallardo brings flat out power that the Challenge doesn't have. The Porsche is a lot more subdued then the others even though it still is a beautiful car.
  22. I agree.
    I disagree. And I'm not talking about 1/4 mile times, I'm talking about fun-to-drive factor, which is more important to me than lbs/hp. And the 360 is, in my opinion and many others, significantly superior to the Gallardo in this respect.
    Seems to me Ferrari has this recurring tendency to produce a new version every 5 years or so that improves the breed, and with the 430 they were right on schedule. You're flattering yourself and Lambo if you think the 430 is a response to the Gallardo. If they had scads of unsold 360s sitting on the showroom floors last year, I might agree, but it was the other way around, wasn't it?

  23. I'm glad you are happy with your choice that is the main issue. Fact is Ferrari rushed the 430 into production just because of the competition.
    I took delivery of an 04 360 Spider couple of months ago drove it for
    awhile only to give it back to the selling dealer for a profit.Now granted you
    Can't do that with a Gallardo but then also you wouldn't want to in my opinion.
    Enjoy your car sir.
  24. heh, welcome to america- the only time i got to finally test drive my cars was when i came there for a 5th car... pricks :p
  25. Is that an opinion or fact? Like I said, the 360 had a nice, long run, 1999 to 2005. Doesn't sound like a rush job to me.

    The important thing is to drive them, and pick what turns you on. There are quite a number of cars on the market these days I would be more than pleased to own, and the Gallardo is one of them.

  26. Here's a question that will help steer you.

    Do you like torque? If so, go with the Gallardo. I owned a 360, and it is a great car, but man I needed more torque!

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