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Help Buying a 6.0

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Auraraptor, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Couple things, I am looking at this car:

    I have never bought an Lcar and wonder what I should look for/ask the dealer when I call tomorrow.

    Thus far I am going to ask:
    1. Service, complete freq. of oil changes, any major services done
    2. Any paintwork/bodywork
    3. Exterior/interior Blemishs/imperfections to be noted
    4. Any Mechanicanl issues to be noted
    5. Any modifciations/alterations (Is it stock stereo/exhaust etc)
    6. Any Warrenty? The car is only 3 years old so could I get an extended factory warrenty or something of the like? If so I will def. drive this car as my daily)

    What else should I ask them? Any recall specific questions? (ie was recall on the xxx done?)

    As far as the price, if I have no trade in, what should I make an offer at that is reasonable?

    Other Issues I wonder about:
    A) I need to know, what will it cost me to keep the car running? (ie what is the cost of the 15k and 30k services approx?) What should I plan for? (3k annually in service?) I am planning on 8-10k miles a year on the car as my on winter daily.

    B) How well does the front end take inclines? Can I upgrade the lip to a CF/Kevlar bit so I do not have to worry about damage as much?

    C) Anyone know of a Diablo owner in or near MD that I can visit and see if...well...I fit in the type of car at all? (No dealership nearby has any diablos...and I am 6'3")
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  3. for one thing, its beautiful,,,, love the color and the interior.....also i am jealous.... it seems you are asking the right questions....perhaps aj will give us some inlightment
  4. I am 6'4" and I can barely fit in a 6.0. I have not driven one but I think it would take some modifications to make it liveable every day. The Murcielago seemed a little bigger last time I drove one. The roadster was way to small with the roof on but obviously if it is off there is no problem. I spoke to the manager at Prestige Imports and he told me that they knew of a place in florida that modifies the seats or the compartments behind them to get NBA players to fit.
    The price seems about right to a little on the high side but Motorcars has a great reputation. That color is awesome. I know that Ben is selling his yellow one and I know of another yellow 6.0 for sale for 175 with 600 miles on it. If you are not picky about the color that might be a better choice.
    Good luck with your search.
  5. I wonder about size, since I fit fine in my 328GTS, top on, and that car is not exactly 'huge' in terms of interior room.

    My big question is about fact. warrenties, as they take a huge load off my head. (I am always wondering what is wrong with my Fcar and where to get things to fix it)
  6. The warranty expires ater 2 years on Lambo's and I believe Ferrari as well, you cannot extend the warranty but in some cases the factory will provide a goodwill claim (depending on the problem), also I noticed the car has 7,000M, see if they'll throw in the 7,500M service, I believe its 5 hour plus parts and tax. It's an outstanding looking car, the colour is rare.
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  8. I cannot fit in a 308/328 and I think that the 6.0 seems bigger on the inside. I bet you will fit without a problem. It is all about motivation.
  9. If i remeber correct, that same 6.0 was being sold in a few different adds for different prices and different millage. Im not sure if its the same one but sure looks like it...
  10. Dude, if you would have that as you daily driver in Baltimore year round you have one GIANT set of b*lls! Even though the 6.0 is one of my current favorite cars and since I live in Md. I just don't think it is reasonable. I would love to say go for it and not that my opinion means much to you but sometimes when we find the ultimate ride reality goes out the window. Look at how many days kids were out of school last year alone for snow/ice. Either way, good luck in your choice!
  11. Wow, the car is gorgeous. Sorry i can't help you, ask AJ.
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  13. I think that car has been repainted and has been for sale for a long time.
  14. ferrari is 3 years for the 8 cycl.
  15. It would be my daily only in the summer, and not for stupid trips (ie go to the corner store). I have an SUV and car for that. I make a 150 mile drive pretty often to my home in PA, and that is what I would love the car for. flag or what.

    Hmm no possible way? I know Ferrari started an extended warrenty policy, it would be sad if Lambo did not.
  16. Auraraptor:

    You won't go wrong buying a car from Motorcars. They are superb. I've been nothing but pleased with them for everything.

    Here's some answers to help:

    1.) Have a dealer run a VIN check to see the service done on the car.
    2.) Painting on the front or rear bumpers on that car is not a problem as after 7000 miles you'll get pinhole nicks and chips on the bumper. So, if it has been painted, it's no problem at all and very common.
    3.) Interiors on the 6.0's don't wear. You'll want to look for scratches more than anything, and even then, you can and should expect some.
    4.) You wont have any mechanical issues to look for buying from Motorcars. Still, doesnt hurt to do a fun test drive and have it up on a lift to look. Mainly look for leaky shocks and for smooth shifting.
    5.) Most are obvious to find, and Motorcars should know what was done.
    6.) BIAS ALERT BIAS ALERT -- I own The Exotic Warranty Company, the only company in the WORLD to offer extended warranties on Lamborghini, Ferrari, even Pagoni and Bugatti. Any make, any model, any mileage. They are not cheap, but they do offer protection to reasonable value of the vehicle. You can check out or call 888-748-9666 anytime to talk to someone in sales. Mention I sent you or not it's your call. Nobody else can offer this product to you, but remember, I AM BIASED in that I AM THE OWNER. Ok, disclaimers done.

    As far as price, that car is worth $170k-$175k. You won't get it lower than that.

    A.) 15k service is about $3000-$5000 depending on where you go. 15k and 30k service I think is the same.

    B.) In Florida the roads are flat but every driveway has a nasty steep incline for a parking lot entrance. You'll scrape the nose every now and then, but the car has a notch in the center to lift it up so it doesnt do any damage. Most new Lambo owners worry about this, in a few weeks of owning one it will be a non-issue.

    C.) If you are buying a Diablo 6.0, don't sweat your height. You'll be fine. I'm 6'0" and have about 4" of clearance. Most tall guys in that range say they cant fit in a Diablo -- That's true for most, but the 6.0's have adjustable seats. Previous Lamborghinis did not. Thus, you can adjust the seat to where you need it to be for your height. It wont be like sitting in a Lexus, but you'll still be comfortable.


    ON A SIDE NOTE -- My Diablo 6.0 is for sale. You can see pictures @

    I bought the car from Motorcars Int'l as well. You can buy this one for a little less than the blue one since this has 8977 miles. The only mods to it include window tint and a tubi exhaust with the two rear catalytic converters removed. The factory box and cats come with the car.

    The reason I am selling it is because yesterday I bought Busta Rhymes' Orange Diablo 6.0.

    If you're interested in mine, or if you just have any other 6.0 questions, feel free to ask. My cell number is 941-773-7833. Call anytime between 10am and midnight EST. I'm in Sarasota FL.


  17. Was the blue repainted? It sure is a blue I've never seen before, as the Lambo factory blue is a bit lighter. Motorcars will know if it was repainted or not, they can confirm that with a quick phone call.

    VROOM: You're confusing that with a different blue.

    jeff: A Diablo 6.0 is perfectly suitable as a daily driver. I've used mine for 3 months except when weather and road conditions warranted to take my Lexus SUV instead. Long trips are a blast, highway is fantastic, and downtown traffic is just plain fun. :)

  18. Concerning the service, where would I get it done? If I recall the MD Lambo dealership just closed its doors a few months back.
  19. Aura: If you wanted a factory Lambo dealer to do the service, Manhattan Motorcars is good enough for it. I heard that there is a Boston MA dealer in the works in the near future as well. Lamborghini can't leave the new england area empty, they will and have to get someone in there.

    Servicing isn't really that hard either, you only need to bring it in once every 15k miles. For oil changes and checkups, any ferrari shop or italian car mechanic usually can perform the routine service. It's not hard at all.


  20. MI used the same picture on two different cars. They did have 2 blue 6.0 at the same time. The 13k miler is now in Symbolic. Blue with wing They took it as prt of a trade for an F40, I believe. This one has an aftermarket wing.
  21. Omar

    Way to go !! You are looking for a L Car !!!!!!

    1st Ryan and now you !!!!!

    I did not read everything in detail.

    An important point.

    There is a computer in the 6.0 that can print you a very detailed report on
    the car.

    It will give you
    # of starts
    # of false starts
    actual time on engine (hours and days).
    engine speed
    engine temperature
    + MORE information.

    You can check the time on the engine with the odometer. - They should

    Good Example for a 13,000 mile car it should have at least 12 days (24 hours)on the engine time computer report.

    Bad Example for a 7,000 mile car it should have far less than 11 days on the engine time computer report. - Here the odometer and the computer are NOT talking the same story.

    At least the 99 and up Lamborghinis have the capability to dowload the computer.

    Motorcars is a good dealership. - They will disclose unfavorable aspects of their cars (when a car has had a problem). - Parking lot fender bender, etc...

    6.0 = soooo much car for the money. That 6.0 is a consignment car. -Nothing wrong with that. - That is just for your information. M.I., will bring it in and check it out before it is delivered.
    Good luck.

    Have them print the computer report when you LOOK at the car. It is about 7 pages. - Let them explain it to you. It does not take long to download and print the report.
  22. the md lambo dealer still has 3 g cars to sell and they will continue to service the lambos until a new lambo dealership opens..i was told that this will be very soon, so you will have a lambo dealer in the area, i was just there this weekend talking to lambo guys there....btw, the g cars can probably be had for below list...a great deal!!!!
  23. Lamborghini of Bergen County has also recently opened. They are located in New Jersey.
  24. I called them today, the car is not one they want to represent and thus is not for sale by them at this time. It has been removed from the website as well.
  25. I was wondering why I did not see the car on the website. So which car are you buying now?
  26. Looking for the same, a blue one. Also looking for a F512M, whichever I find first gets it.

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