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have some questions..

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Frozenguy, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. hi everyone, this is my first post to this forum. I'm really excited because i'm starting a new job that will allow me to purchase a lamborghini and other toys. I'll admit i'm really young, but dont worry, i wont mess up one of your lamborghinis. i've been into cars my whole life. i love all types of cars. I owned a 1964 Pontiac GTO convert, a 1998 Pontiac Trans Am, and now a 1992 300ZX Twin Turbo. I like the 300ZX the best. I've modified it pretty well to the point where its producing roughly 400HP and 430TQ. Its a blast to drive and it amazes me how fast it will reach 160MPH.. no body modification as i love the stock look. but, in any event, this is a lamborghini forum and i wanted to ask some questions. i thought i knew a lot about lamborghini, well, atleast more than the normal guy. But it turns out i dont. I purchased a lot of magazines to help me in my research, but I'm just overwhelmed. There are so many models, and years, and editions to choose from. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a resource to learn more about the variations of lamborghini. Like, the diablo 6.0 sv? are there other models? are there options? is mileage a huge factor? i've heard rumors that exotics get really really touchy the higher the mileage goes. i know its super general, and i am pretty sure i want to purchase the late model diablo.. but what kind of trims are there? like on the 2001.. also, any reputable dealer? preferably on the west coast? thank you so much for your help.

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  3. ok, so i went and did some reading.. so what, is there a vt, sv and roadster trim for a diablo like 1999-2001? so what would be the differences between those trims?
  4. when in doubt check out www.lambocars.com

    there were vt, vt roadster and sv models for 99. the 6.0 and millenium in 00, and 6.0 and 6.0se in 01. there's also pics to show changes and differences between the models.
  5. SV - two wheel drive with large air intakes above the engine.

    VT - four wheel drive.

    All 6.0's except rare GT, are VT four wheel drives.
  6. www.lamboweb.com is also an excellent resource. Between that and lambocars.com that's about it. :)

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  8. hehe..wow thank you so much guys. i'm gonna go check them out right now.. its funny, i cant even sleep at night because all i can think about is owning one of these amazing machines.. i've dreamed about it ever since i was a boy and saw countach.. yes i'm that young.. i was born in 84..but dont worry, i have full respect for the cars and i'm not gonna do anything bad to it..well thank you for every thing and even though it wont be months till i start my job, and probably a year or so till i buy the car, i'm gonna stick around and learn as much as possible...

  9. hey..sorry for another question, but i searched google for it and it didn't come up wtih what i was trying to figure out.. i'm worried about the fuel, it says Unleaded 95 R.O.N... is RON something else that will convert to something say, 91 octane? or do i need 95 octane to operate this vehicle? i have sources for higher octane cause i used it in my z everyonce in a while..but i just wanna make sure..
  10. i'll be sure to check that one out too =-)
  11. hey..does everyone and their mother own a ferrari/lamborghini in italy? are they cheaper? do the factories do tours or anything?
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  13. hey, lotsa questions, lotsa questions. easiest way to get info is to go bug ur local dealer. if your lucky they'll let you in the cars. not everyone in italy owns a ferrari or lambo. euro cars ( as the ones registered in italy/europe) must undergo a conversion to be street legal here, its exhaust wise i think. i know euro spec ferraris sell for a bit less than US spec, but when you try and re sell it you wont get as high a price. so its a catch 22. as for lambos im not sure about the prices of euro spec cars vs US. hope this info helps. bty if your twenty dont you have several years till you can even afford the insurance on a coutach let alone the car? hell ive been working since i was 14 and still only have 1:18 models! lol good luck!

  14. well, like i said..i'm starting a new job that will finance my expensive taste in cars and other things in life..

  15. what sport ? what team?
  16. Unleaded RON 95 is the Euro spec for fuel I believe. If you run standard
    93 premium out the pump you should be fine.

    Most later model lambos have computers with knock sensors that will
    retard timing in the event you put crap fuel in the car. Car wont be
    as perky, but it wont blow the engine either. Most modern cars (1993+)
    have this feature.

    I wouldnt put regular into that Z tho. The boost your running will surely
    ping and knock the engine.

  17. i have sources for higher octane cause i used it in my z everyonce in a while..but i just wanna make sure..

    that was a quote from my statement..i would never put regular in my z.. unfortunatly out here in california all we have ia 91/89/87.. so i'm limited to 91 otcane
    and i have my car tuned on 91 octane and then i have a chip thats tuned for 100octane.. so its all good.. but thanks for the answer..OH..and about my job..haha..no, its not sports, although that sounds like a badass thing to do..i'm getting hooked up by my best friends cousin who owns this company. i'm gonna train to be a loan officer. she is basically guarenteeing us atleast 120k a year.. but she said if we work our asses off we can make a ton..there are 3 people there making roughly 450k and people in the middle..sure there are those that make just 120k but they just do a few loans a month to get themselves by..once i start making that kinda money, i gotta be on top and keep making money...not only that, i'm gonna get into real estate investments after i get some cash.. maybe someone on this board (seeing as how most of you have to have some money if you own lambos and ferraris) could help me out with the investment part..like advising me on things to do, where to put my money when..things like that..well, gotta run.. thanks again!
    oh, btw..i dunno what i'm gonna do for a year.. i cant sleep at night..al i can think about is a lamborghini diablo.. thats all.. keeps going around in my head..awww its beautiful
  18. i didnt know you could be a loan officer without a degree. or maybe just an associate's. well good luck!

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