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Has anyone bought this Lambo DVD?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ryalex, May 3, 2004.

  1. I was just visiting the DuPont Registry and saw a banner ad for www.lambodvd.com . 2 1/2 hours of footage. $25.

    If you bought it, is it good?
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  3. Just watched the trailer. Looks well done, especially with the interviews. But not sure what the focus of the video is... you've got the girls, some dancing guy on a stage, and lapping around tracks. hrmmmm.
  4. It's solid. Good for any true Lambo enthusiast.
  5. Yes Ryan,its very good.You will enjoy it,no doubt.
  6. I just placed an order, should get it soon, will let you know hopefully in few days, but they have 100% money back so how can you go wrong
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  8. Likewise on the trailer, mine is on order.
  9. But they should be paying me a finder's fee I guess.

    I just bought the VBD Ferrari DVD, so I'm going to wait a few weeks before I get another... was going to get Brundle's Supercars but I think I'll get this one.
  10. Very good Dvd but not the best. The Lamborghini Angels (half naked models) are a little cheesey. Also they don't spend enough time with each model (of cars not girls silly). High points are the interview with Valentino Balboni and the 60 minutes interview showing the Countach shreading up some Italian Highway.
  11. I have never seen a decent Ferrari vidio with good modern music, girls and tearing up the roads, all i ever see is DVDs of ferraris tootling along some country road with some classical music in the background. I collect super car DVDs and do like the more entertaining lively ones, like the lambo ones and the ricer ones. Can anyone recomend a good Ferrari DVD that i may not have to prove me wrong? The last good lambourgini DVD i saw had Allanlambo in it but the bloody forums banned him, whats that all about?
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  13. The best Ferrari DVD that i have is the Victory by design DVD. It is a good DVD but it is mostley classic and vintage Ferrari's. Alan Decadinet is the host and the driver and he does a good job, he really drives the cars hard. As for a good dvd with modern cars i dont have any. I to like DVD's and i am going to get this lambo one.

    P.S. if you want a good DVD get Martin Brundels supercars.
  14. What was the name of that one? I am making a new dvd with mostly lamborghini and ferrari's here's a link to the teaser video

    http://beyondthequarter.com/btqpt2.rmvb (right click save as) 19.8 megs and you need real media to play it. enjoy
  15. Thats the one i got last month from the US......beyond the quarter mile, in it theres run of the bulls, and different street cars burning it up after three blasts of the horn LOL!.....Cool, is this another one you are makeing????? Dude ill buy it!!!
  16. I'm in the process, looking for different music this time, should be out end of summer this year
  17. Keep the music alive dude, dont use classical music for F**Ks sake,boreing.
  18. Wher can you find some DVD's Like the annual Gumball, Players Run... Are they available in retail outlets? (Frys, Block Buster, 7-11...) I love footage these cars on the road (NOT Street Racing S**T) Touring or x-country is nice. Any leads would be appreciated!

  19. I'm putting togethert a web site that will specialize in street and track DVD videos, and will also make DVDs for you based on your own footage. I hope to have a link for you all by next week!
  20. The video is definately worth the price. A must for a Lamborghini collection.
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    Just got the DVD yesterday with the bonus CD-ROM in it, very interesting and informative, nicely done but a bit tame. Not that I expected anything at least I try not to, this way I don't set myself up for a disappointment, just thought it would be a bit more exiting in terms of footage of driving, it was a gallant effort on the part of the people who made it and I must say it was interesting to watch. Any one who loves Lamborghini will like this DVD as I did. The models that they used IMO, well I guess the budget was tight and I will leave it at that, but here is a picture of them so you can judge for yourselves.
    The bonus CD-ROM has a bunch of pictures related to the video and its done with its own viewer which helps you navigate though the portfolio. All in all I did enjoy watching it and it sure has a place in any enthusiast collection IMO.
    I wish I had an ability to eloquently describe to you all, but writing was never my strongest, so all I hope that I was able to shed some light on this subject
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  22. I just got the DVD and think it was very good. I do wish that they spent more time on each model but for the price i cant complain. could have done without the party and the dancing though.

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