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Hamann Lamborghini Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by crystalq3, Dec 7, 2004.

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  2. Those wheels . . . ugh. I think they were stolen off of Homey G's lowrider Impala.

    yo-yo, werd.

  3. SICK!!!!!!
    i love it.
  4. wow. it's gorgeous. the rear is improved about as much as i think it can be.

    i love the rims.
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  6. Don't know about that spoiler...
  7. The black really masks the lines..cant see much of the side kit and front kit. For the most part looks pretty sweet, the rims are a little much...and I just dont like wings on any new Lambos... All in all, pretty sweet, but I would probably save the money, its not like the Gallardo styling is lacking..
  8. First glance is ok, but further looking makes me dislike it. It takes away from the natural beauty of the car. I do not like the wing at all. That really ruins the slick rear shape...
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  10. Too much on a car that needs nothing, as it is with other Lambos and Ferraris.


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  12. Looks like ****.
  13. I think you are confusing spoke wheels to wire wheels. HOMIE
  14. very nice...but the wheels spoil it for me.
  15. What more can you do to make the driver of this car look more insecure about himself? The Gallardo was a beauty in its own way. Adding all that pieces is no different from rock star stuffing their crutch with socks. No thanks.
  16. I agree but overall its hot
  17. its nicer then alot of other mods ive seen on a gcar...not too over the top imo
  18. What's with the fender shields?
  19. For those who may be interested in the aero kit (door sills, vertical vent extensions behind the doors, front spoiler, 3-piece wing, rear diffuser) I have one for sale. It is the fiberglass version - not the carbon fiber one - and meant to be color-matched to your car. I purchased it for the Gallardo I had on order and ended up having no use for it when I bought a Merci instead. If interested for a good price, please PM me. Thanks.

  20. Great - I'm so giddy about the new ride, I can't spell anymore. I did in fact cancel the G-car - but it was to buy a MURCI, not a merci. GOD! I need a drink.
  21. Most beautiful lambo since the Countach. period.

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