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Gumball 3000 ------------

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tonyh, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Did anyone from here enter Gumball 3000 this yr? Saw some video of the event today and a few cars look very familiar, like yellow Diablo, orange Murci ....interesting to see some many UK registered cars in the event too.
    Pretty sure i spotted the guys from DTM website in video ...?
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  3. i dunno about anybody from here but i know that they guys from DTM power went on the one from NY to LA

    there were a lotta guys from here that went on the Players Run this year
  4. wasup guys,

    i along with loads of people on this forum were on players run this year, we had a great time and all made loads of great friends. - definetley the experience of a lifetime.

    loads of pics of the website , plus various others on the web


  5. Tony,

    Yep I was on the Gumball this year and already booked up for next May's run as well. Great event.
  6. I was there in my 575M. Had it on danish export plates during the event, though (now on UK plates).
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  8. Joker,

    We're you the silver 575 that got soaked by the dutch guy in his H2? Open window...big puddle ...... lots of mess....

  9. I know a lot of the guys on the gumball. Quite a few are customers and a couple a good mates of mine.
    The orange Murcie w/Tubi is Ian Griffs, the Enzo is Kev Stanfords, PAS 2 (360 Spider with wheels etc) is my mate Pani's car (he was one of the guys who ended up in prison :) ) - we'd tubi'ed up both of Eyhab Jumeans cars (the grey Murci and 360 Spider).. I'm forgetting a few. It was great publicity and a lunatic even by the sounds of the stories I've heard.
    No matter what anyone says, it IS a race (supposedly!).
  10. Nope! It was a french 550... Poor guy... When I saw the car I though he had accident or something like that. It was NOT a pretty sight.

    Edit: Come to think of it, I don't think he was french. He just had a french-flag type stripe along the length of the car (viper-like).
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  12. Yeah it was a real mess. He had the window open when the Hummer undertook him. I saw them at the next fuel stop on the opposite pump. Not the easiest of things to clean up.

    You doing it next year?
  13. Yes. Already paid up. Don't know which car, though. Still has the 575 - but also getting a 430, and I'm really hot for a Murcie as well... Decisions, decisions... :)

    What did you drive this year?
  14. Did this years in a Merc E55. Doing next years in the Gallardo. The route for next year looks fantastic.

  15. James you have PM.
  16. I browsed through those pictures and watched a 6 part series about this particular Gumball on

    It sounds like an amazing experience and is something I would like to do before I croak.
  17. Heard rumours its heading back to the states in 2006, so theres your opportunity :)
  18. I guess I should hop in the drug business if I want a car to drive in it by then =(
  19. or get a sponsor and rent your car.

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