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Grid lock and E-Gear

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Ok I get my car..I have to take the truck driver to my Wifes Ballet school(her Biz) to sign documents.
    Well I'm immediately in grid lock to 1 mph traffic. THE tranny doesn't like
    traffic that is moving 0-2 mph! after 2 miles of this I diverted to round about way just to drive the car!! I love it!

    Then comes parking it behind the 550 in tandem space this
    scares me and belive me I'm considered fearless by most.
    I hope new software is coming to smooth this out or the tranny
    gets better with usage.

    Enough of the negatives..I feel like a formula 1 driver on city
    streets doing 35-50 mph!

    Every car I've ever owned I've Valet parked,let friends and mere acquaintences drive just because. My 996TT for example with the 560 HP motor I let several porsche guys drive it to 150 mph just so
    they could feel the power.

    Well I don't know what it is but I have no desire to let anyone
    drive this car.For me that is wierd. I'm going to try to get the wife to drive it tonight?
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  3. What did you think of the visibility now that you're in the real world with it? The mags *****ed about the A-pillar width and I'm curious to see if it's an over reaction.

    Congrats on getting it home in one piece lol, now keep it that way by hiding the keys from the wife. :)
  4. The wife passes on driving it after 1 Margarita. That's ok she knows her limit. Shes 5' 100 lbs it doesn't take much I guess.

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