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Gotti's got a lambo ?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by PerryJ, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. Last night my wife was watching "Growing up Gotti" and the kids went to the Hamptons for the weekend, (never said if it was their house or rented)
    but it kept showing what looked like a silver Murci in the garage, but no one ever drove it. Anyone know if it's one the Gotti's or what the story is ?? House was supposedly in S. Hampton.
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  3. She probably doesn't know how to drive it.
  4. I don't think Victoria has a house in the hamptons. She has houses in Queens, NY Long Island, NY (massapequa i belive not sure though) and in florida.
    She herself has a Mercedes and another luxery car and her son's have bmw's and Cadillac's.
  5. the boys went with their uncle to the beach house and there was a murci in the garage. i would guess that the house is a family home shared by uncles,cousins, etc..

    and she rented a 355 on the same show and couldn't drive it.
  6. That was a Countach in the garage, not a silver..........
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  8. Silver Gallardo. There was a 360 too I think. One shot you saw one of the Gotti's sitting in it pretending to drive.

    It was a cottage in the Hamptons. There was 2 fat kids there, seemed to be buddies with the Gotti's, my guess it was their place.
  9. And it was pitiful when she drove the 355, despite I think the added in grinding noises.
  10. it's a shame that the GOTTI family is capitalizing on the FAME of a family notorious for crime, murder, and drug dealing. Making money on a TV reality show..............more sickening is that people watch this CRAP!!!

    Poor Lamborghini.....deserves better owners........
  11. At least she is a good Italian keeping her countrymen employed.
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  13. That family sickens me. The Boys need an A$$-kicking. I got a question though, how does this family have such a HUGE mansion, all these luxury cars, the pool guy or whatever he does, the nice clothes and crap, yet she's a single mom who works as an editor. If his family was caught, which her dad was, wouldn't the FEDS take away this stuff, or the accounts?
  14. Well, then thats pretty useless.

    Basically, they got their asses beat by the brother of a girl they were harassing in a mall.
  15. First off keep your opinions to yourself. John was a great man with a big heart. What gives you the right to talk **** about them? The "feds" can't do nothing because the house wasen't under his name neither was his other property's.

  16. Yeah your right about the sickening people watching this crap. Its pathetic, but the fact that they are capitalizing on the fame of The O.G. I think thats good **** i would too.
  17. Your joking right? John was the Mafia head-boss, involve in murders, kidnapping, racketeering, and what else he did illegally. Have you watch the show? The boys are punks.

    Its not just the house, but everything. Victoria earns a decent but not a multi-millionaire salary from being an editor. Yet, she has a fleet of nice luxury cars for herself and the boys, the maintance of the house, ect.
  18. I'm not sure which part of this post to start correcting first.
  19. I believe her husband was some sort of ridiculously wealthy real estate developer. She left him and probably took most of his money.

    From what I understand her husband was in no way involved with John himself.
  20. Makes more sense. Doesn't really talk about that. Divorce money is still not something "earned" to me.
  21. So what? If you don't like what someone does for a living KEEP THE OPINIONS TO YOURSELF!! And for no reason don't blame his daughter and her sons for some hate you had toward her dad!! Also sounds like your a little jealous.
  22. Go aheadz enlighten me.
  23. This is the only tv program where the male characters speak the English language, but subtitles are needed to understand what the heck they're trying to say...
  24. HAHA Norm...good one.....
  25. This is a message board. The idea is to express your opinions. The hate towards the dad? Yeap, I'm jealous. How did you know? :rolleyes:
  26. Gotti? didn't he drink his own pee?

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