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Good to see A.J back.....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Guys, isn't it good to see A.J back again?
    It hasn't been the same around here w/o you, AJ.
    Welcome home and stay for awhile.....
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  3. lol. Thank you Tom. Hopefully business has calmed down a bit and I might have time for cars again. Its been a long 6months.
  4. Glad to hear things are going well, AJ.
  5. glad you are ok...missed your imput....cant let a trivial thing like work get in the way of sports cars!!!!
  6. Welcome back AJ!
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  8. Welcome back AJ. The Ferrari owners have been getting out of line while you've been gone. You bring balance to the force :)
  9. Stop working so hard A.J.! :)
  10. glad to see you back AJ. i have learned alot from you!
  11. Thank you guys. I made the decision last fall to stop all internet fun while I tried to absorb a business I had purchased. I really missed FChat, and hoping I can contribute again. I have only put 100 miles on the Murci since September. Very, very sad.
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  13. Ha ! No excuse for that at all. You should have called me and let me drive it ....... oh i ment baby sit it ! LOL
  14. Jeff, you have enough Lambo's to drive at the moment!!
  15. Welcome back AJ - I missed yah!
  16. Hey AJ....good to see ya!

  17. LOL , no man can possibly ever have enough lambo's ! Of course the last time i was at your house i think there was two parked in the garage and that was before the murci . I am just trying to keep up ! LOL
  18. Nice to see you back AJ. The board isn't the same without you. :) Hope all is well, brothaman.
  19. Who is A.J? I this the from the backstreet boys :D

  20. A.J is one of the classiest man on this board.....

    A.J is also responsible for revitalizing my once failed faith and restoring my hope in owning lamborghini "again"......others feel free to chimp in.

    however, i can't say for certain if this AJ isn't the same as the AJ you are eluding to in Backstreet band...
  21. I'm not. Thanks for the praise Tom, I really take it to heart coming from a true gentleman, and a car guy like yourself!!
  22. If you see AJ's pic, you would think he belongs on stage as well, trust me :D :D Right AJ??

    That being said, AJ is one of the smartest, nicest and true gentlemen of F chat. I hold him on the same plateau as I do Darth550, both classy guys, who are real people.

    THink of Jimmy540, and now think of the exact opposite. Thats what these guys epitomize. True class, knowledge, humility, and generosity.
  23. Damn Ryan, I might have to give you a car after you finish school!!! One without a wing. Thanks Buddy.
  24. Nah brotha man, after I finish at your alma mater, gotta buy it with my own money.

    Now only if taking of the wings weren't so expensive ;)

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