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Georgetown Private Cliente' Presents "High Rollers Run Miami"

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by F430xxx, Aug 17, 2004.

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  3. We have done alot of drives here with mostly Ferraris and would like some Lamborghinis to come out. If anyone is interested please let me know. The website will also be up later next week.

  4. Yes, it is....AJ.

    Though it wasn't needed, they completed the 7500 service today for prosperity....The car as expected passed inspection w/ flying color.
    If all goes well, truck p/u is tomorrow and delivery is expected this week.

    I am so stoked, man. I can't wait. It's the same feeling you get when you are about to score with a beautiful woman....
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  6. Oh man, I know that feeling, on both topics!! Congrats again!!!!!!!!!
  7. Beautiful car Tom. I'm jealous...espcially since you are just 1 year older than me!
  8. Cicero; age can be deceiving. ;) There's quite a few young owners, and quite a few old owners. Average age on a poll from was 35 years old. Extremes on both ends.

  9. October 10 is my birthday! Anyone wanna take me with them for my present!?
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  11. I am coming over from london for the High rollers run. I did players run this summer and it was amazing. A bunch of us from players run will be attending the event.

  12. Hey Guys we are taking RSVP's now and the entry fee includes Hotels, meals, Special VIP parties along the way. We are currently only accepting checks for the time being and must be made payable to: High Roller's Run LLC. The entry fee includes a driver and a navigator. The Fee is $2000 and can deducted as a marketing expense with the name of your company on the car. This event will be produced & filmed by Teckademics. The footage will appear in Teckademic's NEW movie set to debut around Jan. 2005. WE ARE LIMITING THIS EVENT TO 25 CARS ONLY so you are encouraged to RSVP NOW!!!

    Any questions please call 202 625 7077 or email:


    David Kassir
  13. david,

    that sounds like a blast...regretably, i will be traveling in the pac rim during that time as i had relayed to antony.

    thanks for the invite, though. i'll catch you guys next time.

  14. Cicero......

    if you find yourself around my crib, you are more than welcome to come and check her out.
  15. Tm
    sorry we missed weach when you were in town. Heard all about it though hahaha!!!!!
  16. Tom-
    Congrats on the new car. You didnt tell me you were shopping around LOL. Are you a compulsive buyer LOL. Tom I know you told me you wernt going tomake it when we hung out. Maybe you could post pone your event to join us. We need someone like yourself (lots of energy) to come. You guys should have seen Tom with the ladies here in DC. I felt like I wasnt going to have any for myself.

    As for this event, If you guys are intrested to come you can email me directly at

  17. antony,
    you are too kind....but au contraire, you are the true ambassador of all of DC's A-list chic magnet....i'd only dream of inheriting your

    there will be a next time and we will hook up...everyone was class-act.

  18. dude.....that would put me right at average!!! lol

    i've always wanted t/b remembered as "the best of the worse...and the worse of the best"
  19. Thats also one lambo not total of 4 exotics ;)
  20. Anyone have questions or comments about the event??
  21. Actually yes -- How many exotics are going to be there? The videos I've seen show mostly the 'lower end' exotics on the runs........ I like the idea, but 2 days to get to Miami and $2000 for the luxury to do so is a bit expensive. It'd be a fun run with 3 days, but 2 is way too short.
  22. We have a party on Thursday night then our last party is Monday morning. In essence the event is 5 days and 4 nights. We are staying at the best hotels and partying at the hottest spots. All VIP. The cost of the event is cheap if you think about what your getting. Hotels, Food, and parties. Amongst other things a memory that will last forever. As for the movies you saw, those are local events. Now that we are doing an event we are more exclusive and can choose what cars we want. That being said, we only want high end exotics. We have a guy from England coming over and buying a GT2 for the event.

    In addition you will be in the next Teckademics movie. The publicity is crazy.

    I do apologize for being as vague as I am but again we want some element of surprise for the participants.

  23. Cant make it but maybe I can go to the party in Miami although thats midterm exam week at law school. I'll have the F40 here & registered by then
  24. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the response. Still sounds fun. The $2000 includes hotels for the entire 4 nights or what? Since the official itenirary didn't mention it, it's still confusing with the limited information.


  25. Hey Ben
    the run consists of 3 nights or 4 days however you wanna look at it. We start Thursday evening as drivers meet and greet at a local hotspot in Washington DC. Then we meet in Friday mornig for the actually launch where you'll be given a Destination Card as to where you are to be in a few hours after the Launch. Unlike all the other Run's this will be 1st Class from the hotels to the restaurants to VIP parties. Have you participated in any other Rally before? The entry fee covers you and a navigator if you choose to bring one.

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