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>>>Gallardo With Orange Rims!!<<<

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Titanboy_24, Feb 21, 2004.

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  3. I like stock wheel design better. Maybe stock wheel in orange might work????
  4. Yeah I'm sure it would look better.
    Still I find the original Gallardo wheels (without changing the color) are nicer.
  5. I like the wheels and the color, the floormats gotta go!
  6. Thing about the floormats Allan..No one really sees them but the driver so it is only his eyesore!
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  8. Too loud, looks like it belongs in a gangsta rap video.
  9. What is with people these days and the color-matched wheels? I think they look terrible, but to each his own.
  10. Im with you on that one. Those floormats are god awful. I think the rims are tacky too. But after all arent Lambo owners trying to be flashy, I mean if you wanted a understated car you'd get a 360, If you want flash you get a Lambo.

    Whatever tickles your pickle though.
  11. LOL, the other problem is that the wheels don't perfectly match the color of the car...!

    With that said, if the wheels perfectly matched the color of the car and they got rid of that ANNOYING silver lip around the edge of the rim, i'd love it; i think matching wheels aren't such a bad idea on some cars... i can't imagine i'd ever order floor mats like that, but it DOES give the car a little spice...
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  13. You Got it.
  14. You done broke the code.

  15. Couldn't have said it better myself, keep it stock.
  16. True Dat!! ;)
  17. Little too much bling bling!
  18. Black wheels would look good, even with the chrome outer rim.

  19. True That!

    I just vomited in my mouth.
  20. I am a big fan of aftermarket wheels. IMHO this car needs none. The stock wheels look cool ... a black powder coat would be about all I would do.
  21. I think any dealer that does this to a Lambo shold be jailed;) :)
  22. Thats the Gallardo for sale at Beverly Hills Classic Cars.( www.beverlyhillsclassiccars.com ) Personally, I think it looks nice. I love color matched wheels, but I think black would definately look better, seeing how its a darked orange than the car. But I like em, but thats just my opinion on the wheels. As far as the floormats, thats just it, there floor mats. All these designer floor mats and 'bull' floormats, im not going to be showing off the floormats, rather than the car. My feet are going to be on 'em, not my laundry. But I like em, but thats just my opinion.
  23. That car is straight gangsta...
  24. That car is most definitley keepin' it gangsta up in that biatch (a good thing?), however, i couldn't ride in that without feeling like i need to place a bet, looks like carpet from a vegas casino or something. I think.


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