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Gallardo VS Stradale

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mnm, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Hey guys,

    Anybody can give me the lowdown on the Gallardo?
    Very keen to buy one now that I have driven one - anything I should know?
    E.g new upgrade coming up in less than a year, etc?

    I am a real Ferrari fan and currently drive a 360 and would have settled for the CS but that's got a really long queue.

    Any Gallardo owners whom think it's an absolute waste of money?

    Track performance wise, how do the 2 compare?

    Would appreciate any feedback at all.
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  3. Do a search.This topic has been beat to death.Lots of G car owners here,and they have posted many times.You should be able to get good info within the last 2 months.
  4. I have recently had the opportunity to do some track work with the Gallardo (about 2 weeks ago). Definitely a great car. Being the former owner of a 360 (not a CS, however), I can tell you that I would take the Gallardo in a heartbeat. Initially, I was not fond of the rear end of the Gallardo, but after I got to spend the day around it, I really started to like it. It's a very unique design, for sure. And some colors (in my opinion) look better than others. I really like the car in Orange, Black or Blue.

    If you are in the US, and you are looking for great service, call Mike Wogronic at Lamborghini in Chicago. This guy is a straight shooter. I am located in Canada, but I would have bought from Mike if the import hassles weren't involved. He is on this board under the name "MichaelFVM".
  5. I would love to try the comparison. I have a G and have driven a 360 (non CS) and that's an easy win for the G. The CS is another matter, but the G still has a big power advantage, but more weight. I would bet that it is under 1 sec on my home track either way, and given the CS is what, like $40K more than the G and less luxuriously appointed, with CS kind of money I'd have the G and a Radical SR3 (which would kick both cars' butts, I can assure you).

    As a wagering man, I'd take the G, provided I could put the same type of tire the CS wears (Pzero Corsa, I think).

    But I'm biased, of course.
  6. Many people are thinking the same way. I first thought the Gallardo looked a bit awkward, but the whole design really makes sense and is a stunner when you 'get it'.

    The rear end was the most challenging bit for me as well. If you don't find it 100% aesthetically pleasing, the functionality of it makes up for that. The grill area required to exhaust the heat generated by the V10 in a package as tight as the Gallardo is a major factor in the rear end styling. Considering they made it all work, it sure is beautiful.
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  8. That's absolutely right - the rear end is the one that IMHO looks a little bit off.
    But i'll take your word for it that it grows on you - I think I'm going for a Gallardo. It looks like a beauty from most angles, drives fantastically and has oodles of power.

    Anybody knows when EXACTLY the Gallardo started selling, and if any upgrades are in the pipeline?
  9. Tubi exhaust should be ready in the next month or so.

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