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gallardo vs. Murci interior

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by CSM0TION, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. I would consider the Murci to be more of the flagship for lambo at this point but why did they put such a bland interior in the car? The gallardo interior is amazing but the over abundance of black leather in the murci leaves something to be desired. Does anyone else think this? Are there any pics of a good looking murci interior.
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  3. My beef exactly. That's about ALL you can store in the Murci....One photograph!

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    I'll show you a good looking interior - its been on before but what the hell.

    The second photo is without the adornments. I did'nt want black with orange piping, something different, that brightened it up a bit. This is black with beige leather inserts - a dual tone interior about £500 ($1100?) extra.
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  6. IMO, Bring back the CARBON FIBER!!!
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  8. Wow I stand corrected. Thank you guys so much I have not seen any of those pics before and they totally change my opinion on the interiors. I love the red murci, simply amazing!
  9. the gallardo interior is all audi - looks like an a6
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  11. I love the bland interior, it would have been easy to overdo it which they didn't. Leave it simple, no space ship cockpits PLEASE!
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  13. I don't know if you remember my friend but I ordered my interior the same as yours cos I liked it so much!
    Although looking at it again yours looks a lot lighter! Maybe I picked the wrong colour by mistake

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    The color seems different and I do remember talking about it. The color my wife picked was actually off the Gallardo leather selections and not readily available on the Murcielago. We had to pay extra as they had to dye the "premium" Murcielago leather for our car in a separate batch. It also took longer to get the car.

    Don't fret, yours looks great.

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  15. The interiors look bland in all black, but with some creativity in spec'ing the colours, you get some really sharp interiors, as posted above.

    IMO, the interiors are also bland when compared to the 6.0, which has the greatest interior ever.

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