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Gallardo vs 996 Turbo-EVO Test

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tonyh, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Interesting twin test to see which of these all -wheel-drive , all weather supercars is best .This is how article ends;
    "Lamborghini and Audi have trodden a very fine line with the Gallardo.It retains the outrageous genes of past glories through its georgeous styling and charismatic engine, but marries them to the kind of ruthless efficiency that makes the 911 Turbo such a formidable yet practical road car.It hopes to exploit the middle ground between Ferrari 360 and Porsche Turbo , which seems a sensible game plan.For many this will be too calculating a premise to spawn a real Lamborghini. Yet , after 2 days and many 100's of miles in its company,the Gallardo still felt like an event whenever the all-alloy V10 burst into life.The Lambo DNA is there to see, and to hear. It's a triumph.
    On the long slog back home it had one more duty to fulfil.In the pitch dark and pouring rain i nosed the Gallardo onto Millbrook Proving Ground 's mile straight , selected Sport, flicked off the ESP and stamped on the throttle.Revs flared,all 4 wheels struggled for grip and then the speed just piled on and on.In truly attrocious conditions it hit 60 MPH in 4.4 sec,100MPH flashed by in 9.7 sec and 150MPH in 23.3sec.The 911 Turbo couldn't match that-not even in the dry.
    King of the all weather supercars? I'll give you a clue;it's made in Italy"
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  3. Nice. It sounds like the next NSX should target the Gallardo and forget about the 360.
  4. That's so interesting. I drove the Gallardo and the 996TT on consecutive days and the 996TT just feels so much faster. I know that the numbers don't lie but the drama of those turbos kicking in and progressively pushing you back is so crazy compared the more linear type thrust of the gallardo.
  5. Yeah, the twin turbo does feel like it puts you a little more "back in the seat". I think that has a lot to do with the engine being in the rear and the front end lifting up. I love the 911 but the Gallardo is a rock star by comparison.

  6. Totally Agreed !!!
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  8. Does it mention if the 996TT had an X50 package on it??

    If it did it should make around 3.7 seconds (according to tests by MotorTrend)
    and beat the gallardo on the straight...

    track would be tough to call..depends on which track i guess..
  9. NetViper...obviously! the 360 is OLD news performance wise, I think that acura should consider being the MB sedans at least;) This is why I think an NSX will now need a full 450HP to be competitive. Even being a light car, it needs this kind of power in my opinion, and should get rid of the back half of that HSC, the tail treatment is horrid, front is interesting.
  10. The Porsche can get off the line quickly, but this does not translate to "better straight line performance"

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