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gallardo vs 550 video

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by robiferretti, Nov 7, 2004.

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  2. Not really much of a test but great video. Nice to see these cars in action.
  3. great vid

    i haven't laughed so hard in awhile

    poor v12 fcar

    that gallardo looks like it wasn't even trying

    if he'd lay into it a few more seconds longer the distance would have been even more embarrassing

  4. It's no real surprise the 550m got spanked.It's 25hp down on the Lambo,+- 400 pounds heavier + it had a passenger of at least 150 pounds.

    It's frightening where things are going though,the Gallardo and F430 are supposed to be the babies,of Lambo and Ferrari!!!There are some stupidly quick cars coming out these days.
  5. Yah I cant wait to see the maranello replacement, I wonder what will be the next step with the Murci now it being a couple years old what else will lambo has in store for its top dog.
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  7. thats a sweet video, really shows the beauty of the Gallardo
  8. That was a nice video. I wonder what the outcome will be putting the Gallardo up against the 430, once it comes out? I like the Gallardo, my only complaint is that the seats are way too hard.
  9. So this was the secret run. Interesting.
  10. "Filming will be.." .... "Eh"


    Awesome video.
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  12. nope the secret run was something else. This was just me and noah out cruising and met up with jeff to hang out
  13. Perhaps next time you can do the run with someone who can actually drive the 550! It wouldn't change the outcome, just lessen the humiliation.
  14. Ha, looks like a certain weasel just took care of that for you...

    That think sure can go though. Whoa! The 550 sounds like it struggles a bit as she's startin-up...cranking kinda sluggish.
  15. Maranello Replacement= 600 Imola. Rumored to have a 6 liter v12 producing between 580 and 600hp. I think the pic of the imola in the sept road and track look a little ugly.
  16. i told him about that, as i guessed it was just a weak battery, he had it replced this week
  17. The Gallardo is lighter, and has several more hp...but.

    The 550 maranello has a good deal more torque...420 lb-ft to what? 350 lb-ft?

    The 550 has ~ early diablo power...and some Diablo guys claim they're quicker than a Gallardo..

    Something isn't adding the very least, I don't think a gallardo can walk away from a 550 in a roll on race...


  18. what i just showed was unbiased and as accurate as i can display. if you have a different 550 or 575 you'ld like to run against a gallardo or another car I'll videotape it :)
  19. The Gallardo looks and sounds great in motion. It's amazing how inadequate 475HP seems in a car that's only four years old.

    The stakes are higher, but the question is, will it end? Is there such a thing as enough or too much HP/TQ? Lambo will always outgun Ferrari. MB seems determined to outgun everyone. It will be interesting to see....


  20. This is about what my Gallardo did against my 550 with Tubi. Gallardo
    had stock exhaust then!
  21. Agreed, it only shows that things will simply get bigger and better in the future. :)

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