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Gallardo V BMW CSL

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Aircon, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Seems that a local mag tested a Gallardo and CSL at Winton raceway in Australia. The driver was a very experienced and well known V8 supercar driver (our elite series). The lap times were 1.37.06 for the CSL and 1.37.51 for the Gallardo.

    It's a track that I do a consistent 1.35.4 at in my 355 on Hoosiers, FWIW.

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  3. Peter -

    Interesting. I would have thought the Gallardo would be quicker.

  4. Id bet the Bmw was tested on race tires the same way as it was when it set its Nurburgring time. Every independent mag that has tested one on street tires hasnt exactly raved about them.
  5. Peter so are you implying your 355 is quicker than a gallardo?
    Or are you a much better driver than the tester?
  6. Okay lets get the facts out. I think it was the Wheels magazine that did this test, and they tested many cars. They did a performance car of the year test and ALL cars were tested on original fitted tyres. If they found the BMW quicker around this track then it was, but may have something to do with a v8 supercar driver being more comfortable in a front engined rear wheel drive car.

    The Gallardo actually won the performance car of the year!

    As for a 355 being quicker than a Gallardo. Well first of all it is not a fair test as the Hoosier tyres are a far superior track tyre. Anyway some cars are faster on some tracks due to the nature of the track, thus it would not surprise me that a good driver who knows the car (F355) very well could be faster than a v8 supercar driver (who has never sat in the car before, and not all the v8 supercar drivers are any good, infact only about 10%) in a Gallardo on road tyres.

    Lets not start a silly argument over nothing.

    Yes there will be cars faster than the Gallardo, get over it, time moves on. If you buy your car to be the fastest boy on the block, then you better have deep pockets because you will have to change it just about ever month ... and you should also think about maturing some what ;)

    I could probably beat a Gallardo or F355 over some race courses in a Ford Escort Mk1 track car, putting out only 160hp, but on other courses it would be different.

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  8. Psk, would it be possible for you to buy a copy of this magazine for me and ship it? I will pay for all costs of course. Id greatly appreciate.
  9. PM me your details, like mailing address, etc.

    EDIT: Allan I think you will be able to get this magazine ONLINE. Here is there link: Might be easier(?).

    I just went and had a look at the article and I got the magazine wrong ;), it is the Motor mag. NOT Wheels, and the driver was Cameron McConville (sp?) ... not the greatest race driver in the world IMO.

    I would have used somebody like Jim Richards myself, as he is vastly more experienced in many different types of cars and makes these young chaps look very amature every time he takes to the track.

  10. haha..neither. I suppose i'm really pointing out the stupidity of testing cars that have such huge variations in grip caused by tyres. If you put hoosiers on the Gallardo (with me or Cam McConville driving) it would crap on my car, yet that's the sort of tyre that's on the CSL. The argument is that it's all fair because you can buy those Michelin Cup Sports fitted to the CSL from new.
  11. Yes, the CSL does come stock with Pilot Sport Cup tires, which are definitely stickier than your normal street tire, and are the rough equivalent of the Pirelli Corsa on the Stradale, but they are in no way equal to the Hoosier. If the Hoosier is 4 sec quicker around the average road course than a good street tire (say Pilot Sport) then the Pilot Sport Cup is perhaps 2 sec quicker, and 2 sec slower than the Hoosier. Yes, I've driven both the Pilot Sport Cup and the Hoosier.

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  13. they did blame the poor times for the Gallardo on the track surface being too hot causing the Lambo to bog down and they didn't want to break it early in the test.

    The test also said the CSL sounded better from outside than the Lambo and having heard one being revved can vouch for the incredible sound....who would have thought a BMW could be made to sound so good :)
  14. Wow, where'd you fit the steering wheel? *chuckle*
  15. I was at Texas World Speedway a month or so ago and there were 3 M3s at the track. The only mods were race tires and they were tearing that track up. They ate the vipers alive, which had race tires. There was also a Gallardo and Murci at the track that were being driven by people that were experienced lambo drivers and they both got beat around the track by the BMWs. I agree the Gallardo should have been much faster around the track, but I timed them and many other cars but the BMWs were consistently faster than most. My wife has an M3 convertible and I have a 99 355f1 spider and I tell most people that i could probably get around the track faster in the M3 even though the limits in the 355 are higher. It really is on of the most well balanced cars ever that I have driven and I have driven everything, even the Gallardo. Put them both in the hands of a professional and that may change everything.
  16. Yup the M3 is about balance that brute force. It's easier to reach it's limits and more comfortable to keep them there while learning the car. Any my M3 sounds great with Schrick Cam, Conforti Carbon Fiber intake, Advanced Autowerx track pipe and UUC twin silenced exhaust. It's a 1995 Cosmos black M3 and people move out of the way when on the highway ;).
  17. From the Nurburging short track via Sport Auto:

    1:11.8 - Lamborgini Gallardo, stock tires
    1:13.0 - Ferrari 360 Stradale, stock tires
    1:13.5 - BMW M3 CSL, stock tires

    More accurate than the strange circumstances surrounding the Aussie test.
  18. Mako99, the CSL was on the Pilot Cups which are an option for the CSL but I have seen Continetals on them as well so who knows what was on the Nurburgring CSL.... as Aircon said, it is stupid trying to compare cars of this quality with hugely varying tyre combinations as a 360 with Pzero tyres will not have a chance against a Gallardo on Hoosiers and viceversa.

    Bottomline is that the Gallardo, CSL and 360 are phenomenal cars with limits too high for most drivers and road conditions so we are obviously only talking about bragging rights when the times get to less than a second difference around a track....I'd take anyone of them and be happy, well maybe a bit happier with a stallion on the front :)
  19. The BMW was on Pilot Cups on the Ring.

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