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Gallardo V 360 Coupe

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by NTB, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Has anyone here owned a 360 coupe, and the new Gallardo? I am in the market for a car and was set to buy 360 coupe, but the Gallardo has caught my eye. If anyone here owns the Gallardo, are you happy with it's performance? Handling? Build quality? Unhappy with anything? I owned a 360 sypder and sold it last fall, so I am familar with the 360,at least the spyder. Any information is appreciated.
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  3. OK I've put 500 miles on it this weekend. I didn't push the car to the max yet.
    One thing I can say with some experience. If you drive the Gallardo I'm
    relatively certain you will NOT buy an F car if you are basing your decision
    on performance and handling. I'm not here to talk Ferrari down,I've owned
    too many and respect the marque too much for that. I will say, in my opinion, Ferrari is currently not producing a car to match the Gallardo. I can't say it any more tactfully than that!
  4. Here we go again.

    Please, allow me to summarize:

    1. The 360 is better.

    2. The Gallardo is better.

    3. 360 Spiders are worth $140k.

    4. 360 Spiders are worth $250k.

    5. The 360 will be worth nothing in a year.

    6. The Gallardo will be worth nothing in a year.

    And that, I believe, is that.


    ps -- In all seriousness, you did ask a legitimate question -- I too would be curious to hear from anyone who has OWNED both (not test-driven, not seen, not rented, etc.)
  5. You just got your answer, see Banana's post above.

    You're not a typically biased F-chatter are you? Your brain doesn't go to tilt on any of the many many many many articles that have been printed now comparing the Gallardo to the 360 and a variety of other cars only to have it take 1st or 2nd right?

    The base 360 is not even close to the Gallardo, it takes a stradale to make it interesting, and in two separate mag tests the Gallardo was picked over the Strad by the editors.

    I've driven the Stradale and loved it, it's like a full blown 360C with some comforts to me. Trying to arrange a Gallardo drive this week. Don't be an F-car sheep, make your own opinions.
  6. Biased - no, I am looking for real information, FROM OWNERS, not from NON-OWNERS who have read the biased reports. Test drives are great, but nothing beats living with car. It is easy to over look things on a test drive, when excitement is usually at it's highest.
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  8. Tom might be tough finding at this early stage an owner of both. Failing that
    JUST go drive them both yourself. After all YOU WILL BE THE ONE WRITING THE CHECK and maybe living with the payments! A simple 5 minute comparison drive should be all that you need.

    To me it wasn't a CLOSE call or one that even required "instant replay"!

    Decide for yourself sir.

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