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Gallardo Test on Autoweek show on SpeedTV

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 4i2fly, May 18, 2004.

  1. Did anyone see the first 5 minutes of Autoweek show on TV this week. They were testing a Gallardo while they raved about the car being a poser the numbers didn't look that good:

    0-60 MPH in 4.57s
    1/4 mile in over 13s
    Slalom speed a tad over 46MPH

    What the hell was that, I expect a much faster car with 500 HP. His conclusion: the Gallardo is perfect for two things only:
    1. to look good in
    2. to drive on your own private road course.

    So much for a 360 beater!


    P.S. there are couple of more showings of the same program again this week.
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  3. Surely this is a typo? 64?

    I'd hope so!
  4. It could have been a mistake by announcer. I have it on tape and listened to it a few times, not a typo.
  5. I watched it too. All the numbers sounded pretty low - AW cited quirky E-gear. In one of the shots, I think they showed the Gallardo stalling out when they tried a 0 - 60, 1/4 mile run. Something seems off...
  6. Lambo lemon making lemonade?
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  8. could it be the elevation of the track they tested?
  9. Well, the numbers are reasonable except for the slolom. There must have been a reporting issue there. But what about his closing comments. The car perfect for two things look good in and to drive on your own private road course! Granted they are subjective comments but these guys get paid to be as objective as possible.
  10. Correction. These guys do not get paid to be objective. They go on exotic and luxurious junkets paid for by manufacturers. These manufacturers will not invite a 'journalist' that writes or reports anything significantly negative about their product.
  11. Exactly, well said.

    If you want objective automotive media, you have to look across the pond to the British.
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  13. what was the 1/4 mile trap speed, i've raced a 260 ina gallardo and i guarantee it is a 360 beater
  14. I guess they need to learn to drive.Lets see,11 tests citing low 12's in the quarter,0-60 in the 4.2 range.HMMMMM.It would have been nice if the same experts that drove that car had tested another make,to see how bad it might have been.Altitude,weather,temp,drivers,not sure.How do you think the 360 would have fared with the same conditions and drivers?Now if I had seen those results over and over and over,with different conditions and drivers,I might lend it an ear.
  15. Trap speed at the drag strip was a tad over 111 Mph.
  16. This is Lambo money piss poor spent on media coverage that says the car is only good for two things, sorry "perfect" for two thing to look good in and to drive on your own private road course.
  17. Who said Lambo spent money on it?

    It wouldn't suprise me if these same Autoweek people are covering the USGP in a months time, with some perks courtesy of a certain team in red.
  18. I have an e-mail to Mark Vaughn the editor of that segment, I will post his reply as soon as I get it.
  19. I haven't seen the show yet, but if I recall correctly, didn't the magazine itself rave over the car in an article not too long ago?
  20. The gallardo should have no trouble with a 360. I think it traps about 8 MPH faster in the 1/4.
  21. I just test drove a Gallardo as Mosport Raceway in Toronto (American Le Mans Road Course) and I can say that those numbers are crap. Besides, shouldn't Autoweek be focusing on testing the latest Minivans and Sub-Compacts and leave the real testing to Top Gear and publications that specialize in performance cars? Autoweek should be ashamed of themselves. That doesn't make the car look bad, it makes their driving skills look bad.
  22. Tell us what you measured for 0-60, 1/4 mile lateral g, and slalom speed. The guys said specifically the car is perfect to drive in a road course so it appears you experienced the same!
  23. I agree, a number of these 'journalists' think they're Senna reincarnate, but I'd be surprised if they could drive their way out of a paper bag.
  24. I didn't have a measuring device for those stats. However, I have owned & driven plenty of sub 13-second 1/4 mile cars, and this car is for sure under 13 seconds. In a British auto publication, the Gallardo delivered an 11.7 quarter. Who is right?
  25. Pulled this out of Road and Track,march 2004.Their numbers are a little different!!


    "The Gallardo's dynamic exterior is well matched by its handsome cockpit, complete with a row of center-stack toggle switches.

    Our test car came equipped with Lamborghini's "e-gear." It is the optional electrohydraulically actuated 6-speed manual gearbox. In the cockpit, the upshift paddle is on the right of the steering wheel, its downshift counterpart on the left. According to factory technical services, this much-improved F1-style transmission is the latest generation of the Magneti-Marelli Selespeed, the same type of paddle-shift system used by Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin.
    On the drag strip, launching the Gallardo from a standing start is easy. Put the e-gear into Sport mode. This changes the time required to swap gears from 0.22 second to 0.17. Turn off the traction/yaw control and take your foot off the brake pedal. With the car standing still, simply romp on the throttle until it hits the floor. Just before the car takes off, the engine rpm jump to near 3500 and the clutch engages immediately. The rear wheels spin and momentarily break traction. But soon after that, the all-wheel drive kicks in and shifts power to the front wheels.

    Once all four tires grab the asphalt, the Gallardo explodes forward with a ferocious growl. The deep-throated rumble through the exhaust is accompanied by hisses from the thirsty V-10 gulping as much fresh air as possible through the air intakes just over your shoulders. Your eyes focus on the tach needle racing toward the 8100-rpm redline. Once there, a simple pull of the upshift paddle, and the galloping bull catches a second breath and continues to thrust forward with all its might. Zero to 60 mph takes only 4.0 sec. The quarter mile is reached in 12.3 sec. with the speedometer registering 117.4 mph. These numbers are quick enough to jump ahead of the Ferrari 360 Modena and leave its cross-town adversary in the rearview mirror"

    These numbers are close to what Ive seen in major magazine tests,but what do they know?Probably at least they are used to testing these types of cars.

  26. I haven't had a 360 problem ........(this is NOT Ferrari bashing..just the facts)
  27. I concur, TV auto shows drivers can be really lame. I once worked for a couple episodes of some local TV show, the driver was just the journalist ... and he recorded acceleration times ... in a frickin curve!! The tests were over several days, so you guessed it, once it was 62, then it was 85 ... go figure why trap times were better the 85 day ...
    It was also funny to hear his true comments and the ones on TV ... about a Buick RendezVous, he'd say "barf, another GM pos" ... and then on air would just say "it's neat minivan" ... pfff. Whateva.
    American media is worthless. Only the pictures are good to watch.
  28. I raced a Gallardo in my stock 996turbo and he was behind me the whole time, we started of the line and I got ahead then we went on the ramp into the highway and when we came out of it I waited for him to get next to me and then we hit it again, we were doing 65 mph when we started and I was ahead all the way to 130mph then I stopped and he was behind a few cars, I couldn't tell how far back he was during the race because he was in the far left lane and I was in the right lane, it was a black Gallardo. It is a fast car, the tv program I saw it is totally wrong, I know that much.

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