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Gallardo Spyder?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by storminnormin, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know if one is in the works? Any spy pics? Any info at all?
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  3. Norm........we'll get two!
  4. Norman: you need a 12 again. Stop pusying (damn censor) around.

  5. Dan I that Norm.

    Hey you guys around the weekend of the 20-21st?
  6. I am for sure...let me chit-chat with Norman...
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  8. Hey Guys,
    There is a spyder version of the Gallardo on the table right now. It will hit the ground running sometime in 2005. They are concentrating on the new Gallardo and the Murci Barchetta right now. If you have any questions about the Spyder just email me and I will be happy to help you with answers.

  9. Chris, how close will the barchetta be to the one shown? are they really going to offer it with no top at all? is there a targa at least in the works?
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  11. I am TOTALLY impressed with the concept foto. IMO the Gallardo is more stylish than the Murci. I spent over an hour DROOLING over the (presold) yellow egear Gallardo in the Atlanta showroom...the looks absolutely blow me away... and all the while my salesman whispering in my ear "the Spyder's comming, the Spyder's comming.." didn't stop me from wanting to make a deposit for one on the spot. Then tonight you come along posting the Spyder's foto... I just don't know WHAT to do now ?!?

    Regardless.. I'm in love.

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  13. still more interested in a targa-top murcielago, I thought theyd do it too, instead of a make shift coupe or whatever, as the diablo roadster i think sold well no?

  14. Seems to be a photoshop rendition, don't get too excited :).
  15. It is a photoshop rendition. But you have to remember, there is not much that they could expound on. It will have to look something similar too that as that is what they have to work with. As for the Murci Barchetta, it will be here sometime soon. I am not 100 percent sure but I am sure that when it hits it will be a showstopper. I already have 10 deposits on that car from the concept vehicle that Lambo unveiled. Lamborghini is really firmly in control and I believe that they will have some really unbelievable cars coming down the line. I am sure that a Gallardo GTR will be in the works and some type of race program will be initiated that will be inline with the new Murcielago R-GT. Keep your eyes open as I think Lamborghini is really leading the way right now and looking to do so even more in the future.

    Chris Constantin
    Lamborghini Atlanta
  16. If it looks much different than that, I'd be very surprised. How much different could it possibly be?
  17. Will the tight entry/exit doors of the Gallardo along with the forthcomming spyder translate to low $100's pricing on preowned Gallardo coupes in 18 +/- months?

  18. That is the big question in my will preowned Gallardo's resale in two to three years?
  19. That is the question, how will they resale? It will depend on a lot of things but I believe that the market for these cars is getting so competetive that it should be really interesting. As for the low 100's, I don't think that is going to happen. The big boy cars such as the Murci, 575M etc, all become soft as they are so expensive in the inception. As for the Gallardo, I think it will fall into the same category as the 360. It is pretty acceptable price wise and really opens the floor as to who can actually purchase one. The Murci is in such a higher income bracket at over a 100k more than a Gallardo that it alienates a lot of people in middle to high income brackets. The Gallardo is something that people of somewhat considerable means can achieve and the next guy down the totem pole can also stretch to get to. This car will be breathing heavy for quite sometime to come.

  20. Several relisted '02 Murcielago's on eBay not meeting reserves and high bids around 205's (not the wrecked ohio murci). Of course it doesn't mean the seller "would" sell it under 230 or so.
  21. it would seem that in plenty of instances, with gallardo reserves on ebay unmet at 200+, the murci (used) and gallardo (new) will cross paths:) why anyone would get the gallardo is beyond me.
  22. I would choose a slightly preowned Murcielago at eBay prices rather than a new Gallardo coupe at current retail cost... only because of the comfortable scissor doors.

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