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Gallardo Spyder Pricing

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 328gts, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. I am considering buying a 2006 Gallardo Spyder but will probably only keep it for 6 months to a year until my Porsche Turbo comes in.What do you think will happen to the prices over that time as I am not that familiar with the Gallardo market?Thanks for the help as I am not looking to loose alot of money.
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  3. You're buying a new Porsche Turbo but don't want to loose money?!
  4. Seriously, how do you expect anyone to give you an educated guess with this question and information. It is unknown what you will be willing to pay for the G and what you will be willing to sell the G when the P comes? Could be $5k or $25k. I hope your putting more effort into your spending or it will cost you BIGTIME.
  5. I just sold my 2007 porsche turbo after owning for 18 months and 5,200 miles and I sold it for $11,000 less than what I paid.I dont consider this bad and would be willing to loose 8 to 12 on the lambo during the 6 to 12 months till the porsche comes in.I am looking at 2 Gallardo Spyders one is a 2006 with 4000 miles and they want $165,000 and the other is a 2007 with 3800 miles the colors are silver and black with a black interior bothare loaded and have the 6 speed manual.What makes me nervious is these cars stickered at about 225000 so they have depreciated considerably already and I am wondering if you think they will level off or is the market for these very soft.Thanks
  6. At current pricing, an 07 Porsche Turbo has lost a lot smaller % of its original MSRP than an 07 Gallardo spyder...
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  8. Warning: this post is IMO, just like the rest of the entire Internet.

    Need more data.

    Specifically: will there be an upcoming Spyder version of the LP560-4?

    If so, they will be take over the top of the market. Regular old droptop G prices will drop. How much? Nobody knows.

    If no new 560-4 Spyders appear, the current ones will hold their value better / depreciate less.

    If I had to put a vague number on it, I would wager losing more than 10-12k on a full year with a current G Spyder. Perhaps 15-20k? It's hard to pin down, I haven't tracked the curve very closely like I have on other cars. Perhaps I shall start gathering data...

    - Josh
  9. 6 months=

    ****ty economy
    new gallardo coming out(granted not new spyder)
    winter time

    cpo (count as negative if you can't cpo your car)

    i'd say 10-20 will be the change in 6 months.
  10. In the low to mid 160's I don't think you would take a bad beating. Many are still asking way more than this now. My concern would be buying it in silver and buying a manual. I hear manuals are taking much longer to sell and personally I think a yellow/white/green/orange G spyder would be the easiest to sell when the time comes.
  11. Thanks I appreciate the feedback and I think these cars are priced low because of what you said about the manual and silver .Silver does not seem to be a good seller even tough I like it on the Gallardo, any color silver does not seem to sell almost at any price but somebody ordered them that way oh well.I will stay away from the silvers as I want to be able to resell.I really like white but have been unable to find a resale in a manual,what about black there are a few manuals for sale at reasonable prices?
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  13. I have a silver G spyder, and the while not as flashy as a green/orange/yellow, etc.. It does look good esp with black top. I blacked out the tail lights and tinted the windows, and the combo of silver and black looks elegant. So don't be afraid of a silver spyder, it is not all flash but does have a nice look.

  14. Geeman14, are you IrvineG on Gear Erotica?
  15. Actually, Silver is one of the easier re-sale cars. It is just that the flashy colors get remembered more at time of sale. The Silver has always been a safe bet color to keep in stock.

    As for 6 speed cars, yes very hard to find. Less than 11% of the cars to US were 6 speed built...and effective with the 2009 MY cars, Lamborghini will only produce a 6 speed car BY CUSTOMER order ONLY...none built to be floored by Dealers.
  16. Thanks for the info do you think any 6 speed will be hard to resell?and does it hurt the value if you do resell it?
  17. Sorry not me. Does he have a silver spyder too?
  18. depends on what you pay for it and what you sell it for.
  19. Why not lease? Avoid the sales tax when registering... then you KNOW what it'll cost you...

    Roy, what would a 6 month or 12 month lease run / month. Allow 3750 miles and 7500 miles respectively?

  20. The leasing is very interesting.I wonder what it would cost and can you lease a used one as I have always bought my cars and never leased one.6 months or 1 year would work let me know if anybody out there has any details or a car they want to lease for that amount of time it must be a manual and clor wouldnt be that important within reason due to the short time frame.
  21. Yes, you can lease uysed cars.. yes you can have 6 month lease up to 5 year lease..

    price depends on purchase amount, money down, credit rating, state your in...etc etc tec...there is no blanket formula for lease all over..
  22. Do you have a manual 2006 or 2007 you would lease for 6 months?Please PM if you have anything and what it would cost?Maybe a one payment lease would be the best price since it is only 6 months or up to a year if that works better.Thanks
  23. Yeah, there is another silver/black G Spyder with tinted windows and tails running around Orange County. Only in Southern California.

    I actually think silver looks quite good on Gallardos, especially with Callistros. I never understood why silver and Blu Caelum were poor resale colors for the Gs.
  24. Interesting... my Silver G was the only one in OC for a long time. You sure it isn't mine that you saw? It has tinted side markers and black tips on the exhaust too. Oh, you will hear it a mile away with the LOC exhaust. :)

    If there is another Silver G in OC I would like to know who owns it... There was a new one sold at LOC a little while ago, maybe that is the other one.

  25. I didn't see it in person, a guy on Gear Erotica with the username IrvineG put up some pictures of his new silver/black Gallardo Spyder. I don't know him personally but I have a friend that does. Should we set up silver/black Gallardo Spyder OC run? ;)

    I did, however, see your 6.0 I believe on a run with about 15 other Lambos. It is very nice! You've got quite a garage!
  26. Anyone have an idea how much back of msrp '08s are going for?
  27. Respectfully, If you are buying a G Spyder ( rare,quick, gorgeous lines,,,) why would you want a P Car ( yes quick, body style in significant need of change, and can be seen on daily in most cities) ?
  28. I can get you a brand new 08 FOR 25k BACK OF STICKER..

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