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Gallardo Sports Suspension Option?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ghost, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. A Gallardo broker is representing that the MY04 car they have in stock has a sports suspension (as opposed to the Sports Package). Was this offered in 2004? What additional items will the Sports Package, which I understand to be a MY05 option.

    Many thanks.
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  3. I think you could get the Sports Package in later MY04 - Firmer Suspension, a few ECU tweaks, Accentera Steering Wheel (Which I would not want).

    I think it was a 3K option pack - if I remember correctly.

    Honestly - I wouldn't turn it down - however - I think the suspension is plenty firm on the standard - so if someone is asking for a premium, I don't think I would pay extra for it.
  4. Vik,

    Forgot to mention - I am betting you will have a Gallardo in your Garage in the next 2 weeks... Looks like the chase has heated up, based on your last few posts :)

    I think you will love it - and having come from a 355 myself - I will tell you - you will be in shock with the performance and dare I say comfort of the Gallardo...

    Don't hesitate to give me an e-mail if you want any info - since I have been through it in the last several months as you know... Most of the info, etc is still fresh in my mind. Also if you want my contact at Nelson Lambo - I can hook you up.

  5. Richard -

    The detail in your posts has already provided a wealth of information. Thank you for your continued offers of assistance. Please PM me your number if you could - I'll give you a buzz shortly. I'm also sending you mine.

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    Vik - I PM'd you my Cell number...

    Below is the late MY04 Gallardo Option list - that I happen to dig up... Notice the options on the right hand side - Sports Suspension... This is also a good reference to know what you are looking at. Unfortunately I do not have one with the prices on them - I have that separate doc that I do not have electronic - but this will be a good start!

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  8. i am licking my chop here, too richard....
    couldn't have gone to a more deserving owner....
    vik, u r my hero. b/w the two of u, i don't need to get one.
    good luck, man.
  9. No, no sir - you are mine. - :D
  10. Thanks Rich!

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