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Gallardo sighting in TULSA,OK?????????

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MAHOOL, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. hey I just saw a Gallardo in TULSA, OK (I live here) I have never seen one in person before. It was Yellow with plates 'UP2SPEED' It looked long and like a knife cutting through the butta of traffic. I have seen the 360's but I just realized that Ferrari's have nothing on this, like comparing a supercomputer to a Calculator....but this is coming from a guy that does not own either one of these cars......maybe it is the 'Newness' factor.....but come on it's a V-10 with 500hp not even the new F430 has it only me or does the F430's front bumper look like you want to put your finger in its nostrals and pick out a booger........
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  3. I'm from Tulsa. Was just there the last 2 weekends visiting family and sick grandpa who is in St John's right now. My wife is from Jenks/South Tulsa. I graduated from TU in 1994 and spent many a semester at various TJC campuses. I've lived all over that town...71st/sheridan, 101st/sheridan, 61st/Yale, 31st/Riverside, TU frat house etc.
  4. I lived there for a few years as well. Lots of nice cars in Tulsa. My neighbor had a nice 355B that was his daily driver. Keep your eyes open, there are more exotic cars in Tulsa than one would guess.
  5. I have seen quite a variety of exotics including 328, 348, 355, TR models here.
  6. The Bank I go to every morning for Business (stillwater National Bank) has a Black 996 Turbo with plates 'SMART,' a Black PORSCHE SUV TURBO plates 'golf,' a 645i convertible black and a CL55 Kompressor all black kind of wierd.....once again we are in TULSA, hey another milestone we are on the FBI list of most dangerous cities, YIPEEEEE!!!!!!!
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  8. wow where did you see it at i'd like to get a look at it i have seen gallardos in person and it is a sharp looking car but i probably won't see this one here since i'm moving this weekend

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