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Gallardo - Routine Maintenance Before 60K

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 4retr, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. Hello to all that are current/past owners of the Gallardo:

    I have owned many high end vehicles and currently own a Ferrari and have never even thought of purchasing a Lamborghini due to the comments and stories I have heard from my mechanics in the past but the word on the street is that the new F430 will not be available for 2-4 years for the most of us and will have a substantial market value adjustment when they will be available pre-owned, therefore the Gallardo appears more attractive due to availability and pricing.

    I just met with the local authorized dealer here in Southern California and found out the Gallardo needs only oil changes and inspections (No 30K - 5 Year Belt Services) - Service department was not available today to confirm.

    This would make purchasing the Gallardo a win - win situation!
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  3. Ferrari over Lambo for mechanical problems? LOL!!! Ferrari has to do 1 of two things....

    1. Make a car that doesn't require pulling the motor every 3 years or 15,000 miles.

    2. Or make the car that needs a major service every 15k miles fast.

    **** I could build a 1000 hp car in my shed that the motor could last 15k.

    DO not be afraid to buy a Diablo or a gallardo. Or you could go to your local ferrari dealer buy some hunk of crap they have on the lot for $20k more then its worth and you could be first on the "430 list" like the rest of us.
  4. I have over 10000 miles on my G car. 1500 mile service $270,7500 mile swerviceI think was $465. THAT'S IT!
  5. The 360 belt change is NOT an engine out, and costs about $1500 at a dealer. The 430 has chain drive so obviously will not require the belt service at all.

  6. Impressively low numbers!
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  8. That are value priced service numbers for an exotic:cool:
  9. Just service at the normal interval of the belts. What an improvment...sigh
    They both need to start going after Honda and Toyota techs and enginers.
  10. My wife's Turbo Cayenne.
    Oil 20K
    Engine service 100K
    It's no wonder y/y Q4 Cayenne sales +40%
  11. Any updates to this thread?

    Would like to hear any scheduled - or unscheduled - tune-up costs.
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  13. I had a pleasant surprise last week. I called up Nelson where I bought my Gallardo. I have 1100 miles on the clock and was wondering if I could get it in (while the weather is still bad) for the 1500 mile service, plus any updates, SB's that need to be done, etc.

    They said sure - I told them I could drive it up - since I am only about ~150 miles aways. They said, no worries, we will pick it up at no charge and get everything done for you and bring it back at your convienience.

    When calling them - they told me everything they checked and changed (rear light bulbs due to some issues others were having, coil covers (SB), etc. etc.

    The only thing they charged me for was the oil change - and I had them put on a 3m Clear Bra (I bought the kit and they did the install) (Full Kit - Mirrors, bumper, hood, rear bumper, and sides) while they had it - as well they brought over the local detailer and had it fully detialed before the drop off (and I am not talking just a wash and vaccum) - full detail. total I think they said 600 for everything (500 and change for the 3m installation (Which they also did the headlights with another product) and ~100 for the oil and filter).

    My F-car transport to columbus was around 200 - so I am pretty pleased with the service and attention to detail thus far!


  14. rich, glad 2 hear you are enjoying her in good health....ron and his staffs at nelson are top notch....good experience when your truly bot his 512tr...

    4retr, i echo rob's diablo roadster is simply gas& can pitch in on his gallardo's ownership experience...

    tdf360, i wish i had known the dealership that charged you $1500 for belt change. in oct, 360's belt change cost around $4000 at cauley ferrari...and they were a lot cheaper than lake forrest, continental, motorcars international.......and ferrari of houston.
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    Good to hear from you my friend... I am loving the Lambo - Here are a couple of recent pics :)

    Take care,
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  16. She is one sexy beast Rich! Thanks for the update on the maintenance costs. Drive her in good health.
  17. Vik,

    Thanks - and I am betting that it won't be long until you are in one :)

    Take care,
  18. Knowing my "serial car enthusiast" tendancies...absolutely. - ;)
  19. It wasn't my car, but a friend's. Ferrari of San Francisco charged him approx $1500.


  20. woww....
    i m speechless, brother.....
  21. I say go for it. The quality of Lamborghinis can only go up with Audi.

    Win - win like you said.
  22. What dealer? My quotes from dealers for 360 belt service was twice that!
  23. Ferrari of San Francisco.
  24. I have owned 2 360's and have a bunch of friends who have 360's and the 3 yr service with a belt change is around 5k. Unless this was a warranty repair that had the engine apart and the incremental was for the belts 1500 is very low.
  25. OT: Albert, all I have to say is that you are my hero for owning a 575M in SIX SPEED! It's about time! - :)

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