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Gallardo roadster

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Juice It, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Anyone know the US delivery time of the Gallardo roadsters? Do they have any price info yet?
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  3. Probably fall of 05. No price info, but you could guess the normal 10 percent
    Roadster premium, say.......200-210 maybe

  4. will the top be the same Idea as the merci?
  5. I have seen something quite a bit better on the few spy photos I have seen.
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  7. I was told the MSRP was going to be $460,000
  8. Who told you that?
    The Merci roadster is 320k..think about it.
  9. JEEZUS....
  10. lol. Thats a good one. A roadster is usually 10% more than the coupe. 180k for a coupe......460k for a Roadster. I think not. About 200-210.
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  12. Who's the craziest? The one saying a G-Roadster will be sold 460k ... or the guy believing it? LMAO!!
    Dude, for 460k, you have a Zonda Roadster. Across the street or so from Lambo. They might be germans, they will understand that Pagani>Audi ... LOL (don't wanna offend anyone, but Pagani is the closest to craftsman spirit right now ... if it weren't for that damn AMG engine:)). And that's the price of a Porsche CGT too. Would be steep for a mid-line-up car!!!!
  13. 1) No firm delivery dates yet...but most likely later in 2005 ( my guess)

    2) the top will be "innovative and unique", and not a temp setup as in the Murci Roadster, more of an everyday setup

    3) Pricing should be around 15-20% more after the already increased prices for 05's due to the crappy Euro to Dollar ratio

    just a little bit of info for you guys



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