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Gallardo road race vid--------------------------

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tonyh, Aug 3, 2004.

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  3. cool video! anymore?
  4. Hey Dallas guys!!

    You know where that is right?? I know the exact location where they started & where it ended. I live no more than 5 minutes away. video!!! I can't believe how much that Supra pulled on that Gallardo at first.
  5. Do you know the HP that Supra is most likely pumping, against a stock G car? I have seen many over 700 rwhp, and most over 550 rwhp. Losing to a modded Supra is no shame.
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  7. Supras can handle a tremendous amount of horsepower, losing in a straight line to a single turbo one really isnt a big suprise, or a big deal. They can eat up just about anything on the road if you dump about 15k into one.

    Oh, and very cool vid, thanks for posting
  8. Absolutely. That motor will go down in history. I saw one at 1100rwhp, on a dyno!!!
  9. (Completely off-topic I realize, but I'm curious AJ. You seem to like some of the more "extreme" stylings (Diablo, Countach etc) of super cars. Wondering if you like the Saleen S7. Ive seen a couple threads on here about it, and I seem to be the only guy who actually likes how this car looks. Just curious as to what you think haha?)

    Edit: I suck at spelling when I'm dead tired

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