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Gallardo Residual Values?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ghost, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Fellas -

    Anybody know what 24, 36 and 48 month residuals would be (for pre-owned Gallardos with low mileage that one would pick-up for around $155K)?

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  3. Vik: I think you are barking up the wrong tree, it's probably cheaper to get one new for the following reasons: A new car can enjoy a fairly high residual, not so with the slightly used one, even if low miles. So, the cost of financing the "used" one will probably be alot higher, even if you get a price break on the car in the first instance. Also, the price you mentioned is probably not too far off what you could negotiate for one sitting in a showroom....
  4. Point noted Will - thanks! I'd like to cross-check the math, so if somebody could post them numbers, I'd be mighty grateful. I'll also give the boys at Putnam / Premier a shout when I have a minute and see what they have to say.

    I assume the "new" cars you refer to are MY05's, not MY04's that are still lying around the showroom?
  5. Vik: the new york area dealers continue to advertise: "Come see the new 2004 Gallardo." So, i wasn't focusing on model year, exactly, but "new." The guys at those premium leasing companies can probably tell you more than i can, and please correct me if i turn out to be wrong, because i am making certain assumptions here.
  6. Bill: will do.
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  8. vik--

    premiersport cars in springfield, mo had a beautiful yellow 04 (i know most of them are w/ less than 3k miles.

    after 3 months on their showroom floor, mary sold it for around 138k before i returned to the country.....give her a call and see if she can provide you some guidance....
  9. Yowzers - that's unbelievable. Great to hear from you Tom. What's gracing the stable these days?

  10. LOL....don't start, my dear friend... :)

    been too busy in/out of the country for long extended time to either shop or explore....

    looked at a murci awhile ago but for the 1st time in my life, i am having trouble parting with the roadster....(sounds like a in retrospect, i should have taken that titanium on red 99 550 you test drove near your house few months ago.....a bit of regret for passing.

    getting ready to fly out again to S.E. Asia....yeak, i am starting to feel travel fatique.
  11. Yeah - that was a great car that was let go at an insane price. I'll keep my eyes out for the next one for ya. - ;)

    Have a good trip to SEA!
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  13. Tom- there is a 99 Titanium/Red 550 sitting on the showroom floor at Ferrari of Denver. They are asking $131K. It only has 8k on it.

    Ask for Derek Fennig, he will take awesome care of you. Tell him I said hello.

  14. RideonTime: no disrespect intended, but i don't think that's a bargain these days, is it? I haven't been following 550 prices lately, but it seems like that's not the newest car, and certainly not the lowest mileage. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but i would think the price should be lower? Anybody else?
  15. :)

    No offense taken Mr. Hart. I simply stated the ASKING price of a car at a FERRARI dealership, which is probably the most expensive place that you can buy a car such as the one that I mentioned. The "ask" price at any FNA dealership is typically in the stratosphere.

    A buyer's "bid" price is a different story, as you might imagine. I would say the magic number that the "bid" and "ask" would meet is likely going to be around $109-115K if I had to guess...

  16. All right ya bums, go OT somewhere else. :)
  17. thanks nick & bill,

    the 550 my dear friend vik looked at traded at "substantially" below that number (below 100, correct me if i am wrong vik?)....

    however, it was a euro but a "loaded one". i occasionally sick my stupid a** for not pulling the trigger but the upside is i still have the house... :)

  18. You're right Tom. That things went for $92K six months ago - it was the steal of the century. MY99, Titanium / Bordeaux, Euro edition, Fiorano package, DVD / NAV system installed, complete aboveboard seller, all books records. Unbelievable!

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