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Gallardo reliability

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 360, May 24, 2004.

  1. Due to pick up my new Gallardo in a few weeks after 6 years as a Ferrari die hard, today i have been tild by someone in the trade that Lamborghini are having trouble with manual gear boxes and clutch wear has anyone heard or experienced anything similar or is it just rumour mongering
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  3. this is the first (even rumor )I've heard of that!
  4. I know the eGear is somewhat problematic, but this is the first time I've heard anything about the stick.
  5. I have a Gallardo 6 speed with 7700k which i use as a daily driver,no problems with the clutch or anything else.The harder you run the car the better it runs.I it probably the most practical daily driver supercar available right now.
  6. 2800 miles with no significant issues in my G. We shall see how the clutch lasts, but I have not heard much good about F-car clutches, especially F1 clutches.
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  8. Just a nasty rumor.Those mongers!!
  9. I cant re type all thats been said on this subject over the last few weeks 132 posting at last count but all UK Gallardo owners should read this thread and beware


    OK, i tried to post the URL but its blocking that forum name so where the stars are shown you need to write -

    lamborghini -

    Without the spaces.
  10. mine is in for 7500 mile service now .After buying one of these I have a VERY BAD attitude when it comes to Ferrari's holier than thou dealerships and their idiotic waiting lists!
  11. Well said Wayne!
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  13. Hey ferrari's are cool and all to, but come on as if they dont have clutch issues or other problems at all? Amazing how some things spread like wild fire. Was your 360 perfect?
  14. Good point!! In 22 years of F and Lambo ownership, I have had 1 clutch put in a Lambo, and that was my yellow 88.5 Countach. I have had 4 put in various F cars, and I have logged MANY, MANY more miles in the Lambo's.

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