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Gallardo question

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 20C4S, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. how does the wing work on the Gallardo? does it go up & down like porsche? any pics?
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  3. The Gallardo has a wing? I'm not a major lambo enthusiast, but I've never heard of a wing on the Gallardo.
  4. The rear spoiler rises at around 80mph and drops back again around 50. Not really big enough to call a wing, but I reckon you can feel a mild downforce when it is up. (I'm probably imagining it!)
  5. yea sorry. can't really call that as wing. thanks! do u have pix for that? can it be manually operated?
  6. no manual operation.
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  8. no wonder there is no picture then! :D

    all the press photos were taken under 80mph?? WTF! :)
  9. The wing is only like an inch about the trunk cover. It flows evenly with the car so you cant tell its there until you look at it.
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    yep didn't even notice it at first!
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  11. Wayne your car is so nice. I love the red. Whats its official name?
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  13. I'm not Wayne but IIRC the color is Rosso Metus. It looks even better when you see it in person.

  14. Thanks
    At least it is different, and I actually like it at the same time!
  15. Me too!

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