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Gallardo purchase questions

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tubeguy, May 2, 2004.

  1. So there is an orange Gallardo coming in I may purchase, which just entered the US and is in transit.

    They tell me the price went up for any car shipped from Italy after May1 by $10K. True?

    I can't image anyone buying NOT ordering the clear engine lid. Yet this car does not have it. They state it can be added, and that a couple of the ones fitted early on had some problem. Any ideas?

    I'm on the fence. I like having a may keep my 360, but financially it ain't smart. But no kids, no vacation house, etc.......

    They tell me it is a ways off before a spider Gallardo is available.
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  3. I believe the 10k increase is correct.There are a few guys on here that have both the G and 360."CASINO" has both and also the clear engine cover.Im sure he will help with that question.Good luck. A.J.

    P.S. I have been looking for an orange in a 6 speed myself.
  4. All the early cars were concealed engine compartments. A retrofit clear is $11,000+ labor. Better to wait for clear lid if you want one. I think Symbolic just got one in? ASk for Nick Smith 858 454-1800 open Sunday 11am till 4 I think.
  5. I think Symbolic has one? Nick Smith 858-454-1800
  6. I think the car looks good with either cover. I ordered my car with the regular cover, but it came with the glass....! To be honest, as the intake covers and cam covers are painted black, you can't actually see much through the glass. The biggest advantage is that the glass 'breaks' up the look of the 'all the same colour' look of the back of the car. The biggest disadvantage is I believe it is considerably heavier. I wouldn't worry either way. Apparantly the 10K increase is legit. I have also heard that now the initial rush of deliveries to dealer is over, supply will be much harder to come by. Regardless, fantastic one!! Casino.
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  8. I have not seen the clear cover, but I also wonder about ventilation with glass - what happens to the louvers.

    Besides, why copy the 360? This car is superior and should distance itself IMO.
  9. There are pictures of a silver car with the glass option. It showed a couple of angles as well as above if I remember correctly. It really doesn't look like the 360 glass.

  10. I agree...I have seen the glass, and it does not add much to looks. Fine either way. I like the may pass on glass anyway. If you did glass, I would add do something underneath to give it more "pop". My 360 has carbon fiber intakes...really looks super.
  11. Beginning in May, the prices went up $5400 for an e-gear and $6400 for the 6-speed manual.
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  13. Can someone post some pics of the Gallardo with the glass engine cover??

    Cheers, Rico
  14. The ragtop Gallardo is due to come out January 2006 if you can wait that long.

  15. Here's one.
    And another.The second car is Casino's car.
  16. "I have not seen the clear cover, but I also wonder about ventilation with glass - what happens to the louvers."

    The glass is bounded by perforated frame pieces on either side. These show up as black bands on the picture of the yellow Gallardo above.

    The glass cover looks good on a lighter colored car but because everything is black inside the engine compartment, I don't think it would add much aesthetically to a black Gallardo.
  17. the glass cover looks very nice in person

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